Kanati Tires Reviews

Kanati Tires is an off-road tire brand distributed in the United States by Greenball Tires.

Greenball also distributes several other brands including Centennial, GBC and the Greenball brand for numerous different industries, ranging from trailers and RVs to ATVs and passenger vehicles. Kanati Tires is a brand best known for its offerings in the ATV and UTV segment, although their trailer tires might be one of their best-known products thanks to a distribution program through Costco.

Kanati Tires are manufactured in Indonesia.

Dedicated to light-trucks and SUVs, the Kanati Tires brand isn’t complicated with just three tire offerings, the Mud Hog M/T, the Trail Hog A/T and the Armor Hog ATX.

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Trail Hog A/T

The Trail Hog A/T is Kanati’s most mainstream product. An all terrain tire, it’s surprisingly impressive. With plenty of grip and off-road capability thanks to larger shoulder tread blocks, the more tightly inter-woven center tread blocks help give stability, durability and comfort on-road.

Featuring a durable 3-ply sidewall construction we love that it’s a true 4-season tire as well, and comes winter rated with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol. Better yet, if you need even more extreme winter capability, the Trail Hog A/T is winter studdable.

Mud Hog M/T

Aggressive all the way around, and even on the sidewalls, the Kanati Mud Hog M/T means business. Designed for serious off-roading, the big tread lugs dig in, and the expanses of void help spit out loose earth, mud, gravel and dirt. A 3-ply sidewall is designed to prevent punctures from sharp rocks.

And while mud terrain tires are always noisy, the Mud Hog M/T aims to minimize noise thanks to overlapping center tread lugs, which also sever to give the tire a more balanced on-road feel.

Armor Hog ATX

Perhaps one of the most unique tires on the market from any tire manufacturer, the Armor Hog ATX lives up to its name. Rather than a conventional material carcass, the tire is made of an entirely steel construction, giving it the industry’s only 12-ply tire rating.

It’s a tire built to withstand serious off-roading while also have the capability of hauling heavy loads – the two things you really want your truck to do. With a tread-pattern designed to grip, some consideration has also been given to liveability, with that same design helping to keep noise levels down.

Kanati Tires Warranty

All tires distributed by Greenball tires are covered by a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for four years from the manufacturing date, or two years from the date of purchase. During the first 10% of tread wear, Greenball will replace a defective tire without charge (not including mounting or balancing). After that wear period and down to the last 2/32-inch Greenball will replace defective tires on a pro-rated basis. This warranty is less than what is typically offered by tire manufacturers.