Kumho Road Venture MT Review

A serious looking tire with serious capability, the Kumho Road Venture MT is designed for maximum off-road performance.


  • Fantastic grip in deep mud
  • Impressive chip and wear resistance


  • Limited sizes
  • Increased sidewall protection would be ideal


And it looks it too, with a tread that screams this tire means business.

The center section of the tread delivers a dual function, of offering improved on-road feel while also still enabling a lot of void between the tread so that rocks and mud don’t get trapped and gum-up the tire’s performance.

The exterior tread blocks change from block-to-block, allowing the tire to have even more grip, while continuing to ensure there’s no rocks left behind. Between each of the large shoulder tread lugs are small stone ejector ledges. These flex, especially when the tire is aired down, to remove rocks and clear packed mud from the tread.

That same design also takes into account the harmonics of the tire, helping minimize tire noise, however, as all with mud-terrain tires, noise is still an issue.

And while we’re talking about the tire’s design, we just have to point out how amazing it looks.

Durability is also a key feature of the Road Venture MT. It makes use of a custom tread compound designed to resist chipping and cuts. Underneath the tread, high tensile steel belts keep the tire’s structure and deliver the sort of long-term durability demanding off-road enthusiasts will appreciate.

If there is a drawbacks to the Road Venture MT its the tire’s dry on-road performance. Mud tires are notoriously loud and this one is no exception. That’s expected for this tire segment, but the dry grip really could use some added performance.

Overall, we recommend these tires for the true off-road enthusiast who is ok sacrificing on-road performance for off-road grip and who intends to really make use of them, often.

Kumho Road Venture MT Price

Pricing for the Kumho Road Venture MT starts at just under $100 and goes up to almost $400 per tire. Online retailers may sell for less.


Kumho Road Venture MT Warranty

Like all mud-terrain tires, the Road Venture MT is not backed by a mileage warranty. It does, however, come with the brands limited standard warranty. It applies to defective tires (covering materials and workmanship) over the first 2/32nd of treadwear. Kumho will replace those tires for free. From there, down to the final 2/32nd of useable tread (and within six years from the original date of manufacture), Kumho will replace defective tires on a pro-rated basis. Consumers must cover any additional fees, including mounting and balancing of the tires.

Plus, it comes with Kumho’s 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Kumho Road Venture MT Sizes

15-inch tires


16-inch tires


17-inch tires


What Vehicles Does the Kumho Road Venture MT Fit on?

Chevrolet Silverado

Dodge Dakota

Ford F Series, Ranger;

Jeep Wrangler

Toyota Tacoma

Ram 1500

What Ply is the Kumho Road Venture MT?

Unlike a lot of mud-terrain tires, the Road Venture MT only makes use of a two-ply sidewall. As a result, it’s resistance to side punctures isn’t as high as some other tires. This does, however, make it much more affordable.