Laufenn Tires Reviews

Far from being a household name, Laufenn tires is a sub-brand of a far more mainstream tire manufacturer, Hankook.

The Laufenn brand was launched in 2014 as a discount alternative to Hankook – likely as a way of gaining more market share while also attempting to raise the profile of the Hankook name overall.

With a focused portfolio of tires, Laufenn doesn’t have a lot to offer (just two true models) for light-trucks, SUVs and crossovers, but what it does have is solid. And for those in search of a budget tire alternative, it’s nice to get a good price, and know that you’re also going to get a solid product backed by a reputable brand.

Laufenn manufactures its tires in Bekasi, Indonesia.

First up is the X Fit AT, the brand’s all-terrain tire. While not a great well-rounded tire, it’s surprisingly capable off-road. In that sense it’s easy to see that the R&D money went into building something that’s properly aggressive off-road, while sacrificing on-road manners.

We even like that it comes certified by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association as built for extreme winter weather.

While not exactly the opposite end of the spectrum, the X Fit HT is what is known as a Highway Terrain of Hybrid Terrain tire. In other words, it’s an off-road tire that’s built to go on-road. Like the AT it makes compromises but in exactly the way you want. Not great for off-road grip, its a great on-road companion to your crossover or SUV.

Both of these all-terrain tires come with a 5-year/45,000-mile treadwear warranty, as well as a 5-year warranty on workmanship and materials.

Why Choose Laufenn Tires?

In short, Laufenn is a discount brand offering solid products at affordable prices. We like how they don’t shy away from compromise and instead give you exactly what you’re expecting – if nothing more.


Are Laufenn Tires Good?

If you’re wondering if Laufenn is a brand you can trust, then rest assured this division of Hankook Tires stands behind its products. In terms of the quality of the tires, Laufenn does offer more affordable products with slightly less tire technology. This usually means a small decrease in overall performance compared to a similar Hankook tire, as well as a slight reduction in tread life. The positive side of this trade-off, however, is the more affordable price point.

How Long do Laufenn Tires Last?

As is always the case, the length of a tire depends on proper maintenance, including rotation and inflation. It also depends on how hard you drive them.

Generally, however, most street-focused tires come with a factory recommended tread life estimation. Below we’ve listed Laufenn’s light truck options as well as their specific milage warranty.

Laufenn S Fit AS – 45,000 miles

Laufenn G Fit AS – 45,000 miles

Laufenn X Fit HT – 65,000 miles

Laufenn X Fit AT – 45,000 miles