Laufenn Tires Reviews

Far from being a household name, Laufenn tires is a sub-brand of a far more mainstream tire manufacturer, Hankook.

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The Laufenn brand was launched in 2014 as a discount alternative to Hankook – likely as a way of gaining more market share while also attempting to raise the profile of the Hankook name overall.

With a focused portfolio of tires, Laufenn doesn’t have a lot to offer (just two true models) for light-trucks, SUVs and crossovers, but what it does have is solid. And for those in search of a budget tire alternative, it’s nice to get a good price, and know that you’re also going to get a solid product backed by a reputable brand.

Laufenn manufactures its tires in Bekasi, Indonesia.

First up is the X Fit AT, the brand’s all-terrain tire. While not a great well-rounded tire, it’s surprisingly capable off-road. In that sense it’s easy to see that the R&D money went into building something that’s properly aggressive off-road, while sacrificing on-road manners.

We even like that it comes certified by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association as built for extreme winter weather.

While not exactly the opposite end of the spectrum, the X Fit HT is what is known as a Highway Terrain of Hybrid Terrain tire. In other words, it’s an off-road tire that’s built to go on-road. Like the AT it makes compromises but in exactly the way you want. Not great for off-road grip, its a great on-road companion to your crossover or SUV.

Both of these all-terrain tires come with a 5-year/45,000-mile treadwear warranty, as well as a 5-year warranty on workmanship and materials.

Why Choose Laufenn Tires?

In short, Laufenn is a discount brand offering solid products at affordable prices. We like how they don’t shy away from compromise and instead give you exactly what you’re expecting – if nothing more.