Lionhart Tire Reviews

Headquartered in Earwindale, California Lionhart Tires offers a full line of tires for passenger cars, light-trucks and performance cars, with specialties in off-road and ultra-high performance summer tires. In fact, for a niche player, Lionhart offers a surprising number of tire options.

Lionhart Tires are manufactured in China.

A notable speciality is the brand’s commitment to offering some absolutely massive (and rare) fitments for aftermarket applications, with tires ranging all the way from 14-inches all the way up to 32-inches. Yes, you read that right.

Overall the brand puts a big focus on style, knowing that buying super-sized aftermarket options can get absurdly expensive, so it attracts aftermarket enthusiasts looking for style at a budget price. In many respects, their tread designs remind us a lot of those offered by Nitto.

First, let’s dig in on the brand’s off-road offerings, which all fall under the Lionclaw sub-brand. First up is the Lionclaw AT, a conventional all-terrain option, while the Lionclaw HT offers light off-road capability with better on-road performance and manners. It also comes backed by a 40,000 mile tread wear warranty. Finally there’s the Lionclaw MT, an ultra-aggressive mud-terrain tire with all the hallmark traits, including four rows of massive tread blocks, huge void spaces and stone ejectors.

Moving into the mainstream, the LH-HTP tire is designed as an OE replacement and comes in standard fitment sizes ranging from 15 to 18-inches. Specifically designed for light-trucks and SUVs, it’s built to offer dry and wet weather grip, a comfortable ride and overall durability at a great price.

Moving into the high-performance niche segment, the LH-Eight is built specifically for the spot truck segment with dual steel belt internals to handle heavy loads. It comes with performance tire looks, but with all-season grip.

The LH-Ten is another option for an all-season performance tire, with some options for trucks and many more for SUVs and modern crossovers. It comes backed with a 30,000 mile tread wear warranty, which isn’t much, but is something.

Lionhart Tires Warranty

Tread wear warranties are not common amongst Lionhart Tires although a few do offer them and are outlined above. (There are some other passenger car options that also come with warranties not mentioned here). Lionhart does it specify a standard limited warranty to protect against defects, etc.