Mastercraft Courser MSR Review

A winter tire built specifically for trucks and SUVs, the Mastercraft Courser MSR delivers amazing snow grip in an affordable package.


  • Impressive winter grip
  • Studdable
  • Handling in dry and snow-covered roads


  • Could be quieter

As one of Cooper Tires’ budget-focused sub-brands, Mastercraft can deliver much of the benefits of a tier-one tire manufacturer without the added cost.

Featuring the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on the sidewall, that’s the indication that this tire is rated for extreme winter driving. For starters, it makes use of a tread compound that resists freezing in lower temperatures. This is the biggest issue facing all-season or even all-terrain tires. Many of them come with lots of siping (we’ll get to that shortly), but if the tread compound hardness, many of the tire’s features become useless.

As for siping, that’s the second critical characteristic of a winter tire and there’s no shortage of it here. The sipes (or little slits cut into the tread) work by grabbing hold of the snow and using it to create friction against the snow you’d driving on. As mentioned, you’ll see plenty of siping on all-terrain tires, but if the tread freezes up, it’s just going to waste.

And if all this snow capability isn’t enough for you, the tires are studdable too, should that be legal where you live.

Beyond these capabilities, the tire features two large circumferential grooves just next to the shoulder treads. This works to evacuate water and slush. A zig-zag center rib makes for a stable highway ride and good responsiveness to turn-in.

Designed specifically for light trucks, the tire also features a more robust construction that’s designed to hold up on heavy trucks, under payload and for years of tough use.

If we do hav any complaints, the tire could be a bit quieter, but it’s far from loud. And when you consider all the advantages, plus the very attractive price-point, this is a smart buy.

Mastercraft Courser MSR Price

Pricing for the Mastercraft Courser MSR ranges from under under $100 for a 16-inch size up to over $300 for a 20-inch size. Retailers may charge less.

Mastercraft Courser MSR Warranty

As a winter tire, the Courser MSR does not come with a milage guarantee. It is backed by Mastercraft’s 45 day satisfaction guarantee and is also covered by the brand’s standard limited warranty. This means that any tires found to be defective in the first 2/32-inch tread wear will be replace free of charge. Any tires found to be defective after that (and down the the final 2/32-inch of useable tread wear) will be replaced on a pro-rated basis.

Mastercraft Courser MSR Sizes

16-inch sizes


17-inch sizes


18-inch sizes


Is the Mastercraft Courser MSR Good in Snow?

The Courser MSR can definitely handle winter. Certified by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) wth the three-peak mountain snowflake logo, it meets a minimum required level of grip in extreme winter conditions. This doesn’t mean it’s quite as capable as a true winter tire, but it does feature a tread compound that’s resistant to freezing as well as heavy siping on the tread which allows it to grip in snow.