Mastercraft Courser MXT Review

A budget mud tire from a brand you can actually trust, the Mastercraft Courser MXT delivers the off-road capability you want without breaking the bank.


  • Excellent off-road grip
  • Value pricing
  • Surprisingly quiet


  • Middling on-road performance
  • 2-ply sidewall


That last part is particularly important as mud terrain tires can be prohibitively expensive. That’s not to say the MXT’s are cheap but as mud-terrain tires go, they’re quite reasonable.

The tires look great due to their large tread blocks in a typical four-row setup. We also love the raised white lettering on the sidewall.

The exterior tread blocks have alternating designs to dig into loose earth, mud, sand, gravel and more. Larger and smaller void spaces between these tread blocks help grip in different surfaces, while a closer inspection of the base of the tread reveals small bumps that are designed to flex and force out any built-up mud or loose rocks. Not only is this critical to make sure the tire maintains its grip, but it also helps prolong tire life. If you’re new to off-road tires, it’s important to note that stones getting stuck in the tread is one of the major causes of uneven and then premature tire wear.

There’s some siping on these tires to help in the wet and, ideally, give the tire some snow capability. Mastercraft even cites how the sipes run deep into the tread blocks, so even a 50% worn tire will maintain 80% of its sipes. Regardless, there’s too little siping overall and the tread compound just isn’t designed for true winter climates. However, the tires are studdable if you really want to transform them into all-year grip-monsters.

Grip on-road in the dry and wet is decent, although expect plenty of flex in the tire tread.

Surprisingly, road noise is incredibly low. User reviews almost always highlight this fact.

The tread compound is also quiet sturdy and you should expect between 40,000 to 50,000 miles on a set.

Really, it’s off-road capability where these tires shine – which is the real reason you’d buy them.

If they do have any real drawback it’s that the sidewalls are 2-ply and not 3-ply. This means they won’t hold up to side punctures quite as well as some more premium tires, but you do save a bundle as a result.

Plus, we have to make note of the fact that, if you’re not already aware, Mastercraft is a sub-brand of Cooper Tires. We’re almost always impressed by Cooper tires, from the outright grip to the value, as they compete with tier-one brands. Often a value-option themselves, a “discount” brand from Cooper is certain to delivery impressive engineering, durability and quality for the money.

Mastercraft Courser MXT Price

Pricing for the Mastercraft Courser MXT ranges from $175 per tire to $435 per tire.


Mastercraft Courser MXT Warranty

Mastercraft offers a 45 day road test guarantee on the Courser MXT with the tires being eligible for a full refund anywhere within that period.

A factory warranty also comes standard that covers defects in materials and workmanship with free replacement for any tires deemed defective within the first 2/32-inch treadwear. After that period, defective tire will be replaced on a pro rated basis.

As with all mud-terrain tires, there is no mileage guarantee on the Courser MXT.

Mastercraft Courser MXT Sizes

15-inch sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

20-inch sizes

Is the Mastercraft Courser MXT Good in Snow?

Traction in deep snow is excellent for short periods of time. The mud terrain grip features let you toss away deep snow easily, however, the fact that these tires are not rated for snow means that the tread can quickly freeze up and become pretty useless in colder temperatures. To help with winter grip, they are studdable.

Why Ply Sidewall is the Mastercraft Courser MXT?

The Courser MXT makes use of a 2-ply sidewall, not a 3-ply arrangement like a lot of more expensive mud terrain tires.