Primewell Tire Reviews

Primewell Tire is A budget-focused sub-brand of Singapore-based Giti Tire, which is the 11th largest tire brand in the world by volume.

Giti also owns and distributes brands such as GT Radial, Runway, and Dextero globally to 130 different countries. Manufacturing takes place at eight plans in Indonesia and China, with one in South Carolina.

For passenger cars and crossovers, Primewell offers five different options. Starting at daily driver end of the spectrum is the aptly named “All Season” tire. (Clearly Primewell needs a marketing department). Stepping up is the PS870 designed more for comfort and then the PS880 touring tire focused more on delivering both comfort and performance. Next is the Valera Sport AS, a directional all-season performance tire. And finally the Sport 910, an ultra-high performance summer tire.

In the SUV category, Primewll offers two options, the Valera AT and Valera HT. The Valera AT is the brand’s all-terrain offering, featuring five rows of large thread blocks, including a zig-zag center tread rib that offers highway stability.The large void spaces help to give off-road traction, while stone ejectors remove unwanted rocks from prematurely wearing the tread. The design of the should tread blocks works to dig in and toss-away loose earth.

As for the Valera HT, this highway terrain tire offers some light off-roading capability mixed with on-road manners, including noise-cancelling technology built into the tread design to give a smooth and quiet ride.

And finally, when it comes specifically to light-trucks, there’s the PV600. Featuring four rows of tread blocks using a compound designed to offer solid handling and on-road stability, with some drawbacks in comfort. Initial turn-in feel is muted due to the lack of a center tread rib, but this is a budget tire after all.

Primewell Tires Warranty

In the US, Primewell Tires are covered by the Bridgestone/Firestone basic limited warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for up to four years from the date of purchase (proof of payment is required) or five years from the date of manufacture. Defective tires will be replaced with a similar tire at a pro-rated basis. Of note, many brands offer a free replacement if the defect occurs in the first year, but that’s not the case here.