Achilles Desert Hawk AT Review

The Achilles Desert Hawk AT is a capable off-road tire that offers solid on-road performance at a budget price.


  • Solid off-road grip
  • Decent on-road manners


  • Limited warranty
  • Not great in colder/wintry conditions
  • Limited sizes

Making use of a four row tread design, the center tread rows are more tightly packed for better on-road driving feel and responsiveness. Larger gaps between these rows and the exterior/shoulder treads allows plenty of biting edges with lots of void space to grip loose surfaces. Plus, on-road these large grooves work to evacuate water easily, increasing its overall braking performance in the wet and significantly reducing the opportunities for hydroplaning.

The shoulder tread blocks make use of an alternating pattern to help give more grip in off-road driving, while added length and width make for solid handling characteristics on-road.

Perhaps the tire’s biggest drawback is its lack of resistance to hardening in colder temperatures, meaning it’s not very effective in colder climates.

A 45,000 mile tread life guarantee is something, and not altogether terrible considering the price, but it’s hardly a highlight.

Achilles Desert Hawk AT Price

Pricing for the Achilles Desert Hawk AT ranges from around $125 per tire to just under $200 per tire.

Achilles Desert Hawk AT Warranty

Achilles offers a 45,000 mile tread life warranty on the Desert Hawk AT tire.

Achilles Desert Hawk AT Sizes

15-inch sizes
175/80 R15
215/75 R15
235/70 R15
235/75 R15
30X9.50 R15 LT
31X10.50 R15 LT

16-inch sizes
175/80 R16
205/80 R16
215/70 R16
235/70 R16
265/70 R16
265/75 R16
P245/70 R16

17-inch sizes
P265/65 R17
225/65 R17

18-inch sizes
255/55 R18
255/60 R18

19-inch sizes
255/50 R19

20-inch sizes
265/50 R20
275/40 R20
275/45 R20