Achilles Tire Reviews

Achilles Tire is a go-to-market brand name from Indonesian tire manufacturer  PT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA).

The company has been in operation for three decades, starting in 1991, having improved its technical and manufacturing expertise over that time thanks to partnerships with both Pirelli and Continental.

In addition to the Achilles brand, MASA also sells tires under the Strada and Corsa brands.

Currently Achilles offers tires for passenger cars and light trucks, with several tires available for motorsports competition. Achilles has competed in the Formula-Drift series to build brand exposure in North America and help improve its performance tires.

Achilles’ full range of tires for SUVs and light trucks includes:

Desert Hawk AT2 – Next-generation all-terrain tire with superior tread life.

Desert Hawk HT2 – A highway-terrain tire designed for better on-road manners and still some off-road grip.

Desert Hawk AT – Build for on and off-road performance.

Desert Hawk UHP – A performance tire that can also handle the increased weight of modern SUVs.

Desert Hawk MT – An extreme off-road tire build for mud, rock-crawling and more.

Desert Hawk X-MT – An extreme off-road tire with added on-road performance and civility.

Desert Hawk AP2 – A passenger tire that’s built to for hauling and towing heavy loads.

Multivan – Build for commercial vans, it’s designed to deliver comfort, durability and long tread life.

LTR-80 – A commercial tire designed for heavy loads

Achilles Tire Reviews

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Achilles Tire Warranty

Below is a list of each Achilles tire model available with a tread life warranty as well as what that specific mileage guarantee is.

122 – 35,000 miles

2233 – 35,000 miles

868 All Season – 50,000

ATR-K Economist – 35,000

ATR SPORT – 35,000

ATR SPORT 2 – 35,000

Desert Hawk UHP – 35,000

Desert Hawk A/P – 35,000

Desert Hawk A/P2 – 35,000

Desert Hawk H/T – 45,000

Desert Hawk H/T2 – 60,000

Desert Hawk A/T – 45,000 Non LT

Desert Hawk A/T2 – 60,000 Non LT

Desert Hawk X-MT – 50,000 Non LT