Achilles Desert Hawk UHP Review

High levels of grip at a low price point, the Achilles Desert Hawk UHP offers driving enthusiasts a new budget option.


  • High levels of grip
  • Decent warranty
  • Built-in rim protector


  • Limited number of smaller sizes available

There aren’t a lot of high-performance summer tires available for crossovers and SUVs so for those in search of some extra summer grip, Achilles offers an attractive solution that won’t break the bank.

Looking at the tread design, the solid center rib serves to give the tire stability at highway speeds and enable immediate responsiveness. Densely packed smaller tread blocks help give extra biting edges in wet weather, although the smaller blocks do make for more flex in the tread surface and slightly less gradual handling characteristics.

Achilles works to make up for this with added grip from a stickier rubber compound.

One of the advantages of the tread design is its ability to wear evenly over time. Uneven wear is one of the biggest issues causing premature tire replacement. In this case the tire is backed with a 35,000 mile warranty, which doesn’t sound like a lot but is decent for a UHP summer tire, especially one designed for SUVs.

Using a high percentage of silica in its makeup the compound itself is able to maintain its grip in wet wether. Inner circumferential grooves help evacuate water and he smaller shoulder tread blocks also work to easily force water away from the contact patch.

The silica also helps to reduce the tire’s rolling resistance, making it slightly more fuel efficient over the long run.

We should point out that as a summer tire, the Desert Hawk UHP is not meant for winter use and grip levels drop off dramatically in the cold. Another complaint we have is the limited number of sizes wth only particularly large options available.

One added feature of this tire is the built-in rim protector. Achilles is aware that anyone looking for a performance tire for a utility vehicle is likely to have some larger and nicer wheels on their machine, and so the sidewall of this tire is built so that it sticks out slightly from the rim, protecting it from scratches or dents.

We’d recommend this option for those who regularly swap between winter tires and all-season tires and who are looking for a more dynamic driving experience in those summer months without spending huge sums of money on a premium brand tire.

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP Price

Pricing for the Achilles Desert Hawk UHP ranges from approximately $150 per tire for a 18-inch size and goes up to roughly $225 per tire for a 24-inch size. Retailers may sell for less.

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP Warranty

Achilles equips the Desert Hawk UHP tire with a 35,000 mile tread life warranty.

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP Sizes

18-inch sizes
235/55 R18
255/55 R18

19-inch sizes
235/55 R19
245/55 R19
255/50 R19
275/45 R19

20-inch sizes
245/40 R20
245/45 R20
255/45 R20
265/50 R20
275/40 R20
275/45 R20
275/55 R20
285/50 R20
315/35 R20

21-inch sizes
265/40 R21

22-inch sizes
245/30 R22
265/35 R22
285/35 R22
285/40 R22
285/45 R22
305/40 R22
305/45 R22

24-inch sizes
305/35 R24