Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 Review

Part of Achilles new era of tires, the Desert Hawk HT2 makes great strides in offering a compelling highway terrain tire at an extremely attractive price.


  • Impressive on-road manners
  • Solid warranty


  • Could use better off-road capability
  • Not great in colder temperatures/snow

This all-season tire is designed to meet the needs of modern utility vehicles and their owners.

Four large circumferential grooves help easily evacuate water to prevent hydroplaning. In terms of highway manners (the tire’s main purpose) they’re impressive with¬† nearly-solid center tread rib that makes for a stable highway ride and immediate responsiveness to initial turn-in.

For addd grip the shoulder tread blocks are joined together on the inner portion of the tire, giving larger contact patch and more overall stability in corners.

Making use of some of the latest tire technology, the tread compound is infused with silica, which enables it to offer solid dry and long life, while also retaining grip in wet conditions.

This tread compound also allows for lower rolling resistance meaning the tire creates less friction with the road (when you don’t want it to), helping you save on fuel – even if only minutely. Another result of this is increased tread life, allowing Achilles to offer a 60,000 mile warranty on the tire. That’s not class leading, nor would you expect it for this price, but it’s a very solid tire life for this price point.

Sold as a highway-terrain tire, this normally means it combines features of an all-season with an all-terrain tire. Here, it’s very much more of the former, meaning don’t expect much grip if you venture off-road. It’s also not designed to perform in colder temperatures or in snow.

With it’s highway focus, it is built to deliver a quiet and smooth ride.

Overall, considering this tire’s manners, tread life and price, it’s an impressive value.

Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 Price

Pricing for the Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 ranges from just over $100 per tire to just under $200 per tire for a pretty massive 21-inch size.

Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 Warranty

The Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 is backed by a solid 60,000 mile tread life warranty.

Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 Sizes

16-inch sizes
215/65 R16
215/70 R16
225/70 R16
235/60 R16
235/70 R16
245/70 R16
255/70 R16
265/70 R16
275/70 R16

17-inch sizes
215/60 R17
225/65 R17
235/55 R17
235/60 R17
235/65 R17
245/65 R17
245/70 R17
255/60 R17
265/65 R17
265/70 R17

18-inch sizes
225/55 R18
225/60 R18
235/50 R18
235/55 R18
235/60 R18
255/55 R18
265/60 R18

19-inch sizes
235/55 R19
255/50 R19

20-inch sizes
275/55 R20

21-inch sizes
285/45 R21
315/40 R21