Arizonian Silver Edition All Season Review

Known for making passable tires at an attractive price point, this latest Silver Edition All Season tire from Arizonian takes a big step forward thanks to the latest tire technology.


  • Good wet weather grip
  • Improved resistance to hydroplaning
  • Solid warranty
  • Extremely affordable


  • Limited selection of sizes

Easily the most significant feature of the new Silver Edition All Season tire is the silica-infused tread compound. It delivers better all-season grip and allows for a tread design that gives improvement in other areas too.

By adding silica to the tread it the tire is dramatically more capable in delivering wet weather grip in terms of both cornering and braking. This innovation allows for more tightly packed tread blocks, which improves turn-in responsiveness and overall cornering capability.

Impressively, this more densely packed tread pattern looks lie it has fewer edges, but actually has 9 percent more, enhancing grip in the wet and mild wintry conditions.

Another unique feature of the tread compared to past Arizonian tires is that the tread depth has been increased, further helping the tire resist hydroplaning.

Special attention was also paid to the tread noise, with a design that emits frequencies to help cancel-out those generated from the road. As a result, this tire is much quieter than its predecessors as well.

All, this and it’s incredibly affordable and comes with an impressive 60,000 mile warranty. Our biggest grip with this tire is that it’s extremely limited in the sizes available, although we expect that to change in the near future.

Arizonian Silver Edition All Season Price

Excellently affordable, these tires start at just around $70 per tire for a 14-inch size and go up to slightly more than $100 per tire for a 17-inch fitment.

Arizonian Silver Edition All Season Warranty

Arizonian backs the Silver Edition All Season with a 60,000 mile tread life warranty.

Arizonian Silver Edition All Season Sizes

14-inch tires

15-inch tires

16-inch tires

17-inch tires