Arizonian Tire Reviews

Arizonian Tires is a private label brand produced for and distributed by Discount Tire.

The brand only offers two different options, mostly designed for use on passenger cars, although many fitments apply for crossovers and SUVs. Discount Tire has a similar house brand offering for the SUV and truck market called Pathfinder Tires.

Overall, these tires are more budget focused and designed to deliver decent tread life, a quiet ride and satisfactory grip. The most common complaints from consumers do seem to focus on road noise and traction on wet roads. Neither seem to be particular issues, just that customers would appreciate some improvement in those areas.

Arizonian Silver Edition All Season

The newest option available from Arizonian, the Silver Edition All Season tire makes use of a longer tread life (60,000 miles) to get your attention. Overall a big leap forward in tire technology it features a silica-infused tread compound to improve wet weather grip, while also allowing for a more compact tread design with better handling and improved all-season grip. It also features more tread depth to help better evacuate water from the contact patch for big improvements in wet weather performance.

Arizonian Silver Edition III

Over the years the Arizonian Silver Edition continues to get updates and this is the most recent option. Rated as both a performance and a touring all-season tire it offers capable traction in all but true winter weather and comes with a 55,000 mile tread life warranty.

Arizonian Tire Reviews

Arizonian Silver Edition All Season Review

Who Makes Arizonian Tires?

Arizonian Tires are manufactured by the Ohio-based Cooper Tires. Utilizing Cooper’s world-class R&D and manufacturing technology, Arizonian is offered as a private label value-focused brand sold through Discount Tire.