Best BMW X5 Tires

An excellent combination of luxury, space, technology and driving enjoyment, the BMW X5 is even pretty darn handsome. If you’re hunting for new tires for your X5 we’ve put together a detailed list of options based on numerous factors including capability and performance, as well as ride quality, warranty and price.

BMW X5 Tire Sizes

Below is a list of each trim level available for the BMW X5 as well as the available tire sizes for each trim.

  • 40i 265/50/19 or 275/45/20 or 275/45/20 (front) and 205/40/20 (rear) or 275/40/21 (front) and 315/35/21 (rear) or 275/35/22 (front) and 315/30/22 (rear)
  • 40i w M-Brake 265/50/19 or 275/45/20 or 275/40/21 (front) and 315/35/21 (rear) or 275/35/22 (front) and 315/30/22 (rear)
  • 50i 265/50/19 or 275/45/20 or 275/45/20 (front) and 205/40/20 (rear) or 275/40/21 (front) and 315/35/21 (rear) or 275/35/22 (front) and 315/30/22 (rear)
  • 50i w M-Brake 265/50/19 or 275/45/20 or 275/40/21 (front) and 315/35/21 (rear) or 275/35/22 (front) and 315/30/22 (rear)
  • M50i 275/45/20 or 275/40/21 (front) and 315/35/21 (rear) or 275/35/22 (front) and 315/30/22 (rear)

What Tire is Best for the BMW X5?

Best All-Season Tire for BMW X5

Yokohama Geolandar X-CV

With BMW mostly preferring to equip X5 models from the factory with either Michelins or Pirellis you might be a bit surprised to find a Yokohama on the top of our list. There’s good reason for it.

The Geolandar X-CV is a relatively new tire on the market that’s designed specifically for premium performance crossovers. The ride quality is excellent and performance is best-in-class with exceptional wet and dry braking performance.

The 50,000 mile warranty is a bit lower than what you can get on other tires, but we think the added enjoyment and safety of the gripper tires makes it worthwhile.

Plus, they are priced 10-15% less than many rival tires.


Best All-Season Tire for BMW X5 (alternative)

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II

The main competitor to the Yokohamas, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II has more than just a really long name. The 65,000 mile tread life warranty, for starters, is enough to make this an attractive offering.

Overall handing and braking grip aren’t quite as impressive though and the tires cost more, so we feel like that cancels out the added benefits of the increased tread life.


Best Runflat Tires for BMW X5

Michelin Primacy MXM4

If you’re looking for a set of runflats for your BMW X5 the Michelin Primacy MXM4 is our top choice. These tires re factory equipment on many X5s and for good reason. They offer an excellent combination of all-weather grip as well as dynamic handling and serious braking capability.

They also come with a 30,000 mile tread life warranty as a result of Michelin’s MaxTouch technology that allows the tire to maintain its contact patch as the tire wears, allowing for a more stable and longer tread life.

Pricing is on the high side, but that’s par for the course for runflats.


Best Runflat Tires for BMW X5 (alternative)

Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS

Another OE fitment from BMW the Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS is a direct competitor to the Michelins above, though with a tread pattern that’s even more focused on giving grip in different conditions. The silica-enhanced tread compound also makes sure this tire maintains its grip in the wet.

No warranty is available for these tires and pricing is similarly expensive.


Best Summer Tire for BMW X5

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

The best performance SUV tire you can buy is an easy choice if you’re looking to add a more engaging ride to your X5 in the summer months. This low profile tread pattern has little flex and excellent responsiveness, while the grippy tread compound means handling is as good as it gets. An extra ring of rubber next to the shoulder blocks further helps these tires offer grip and stability on heavy SUVs. Wet weather capability is also impressive thanks to extra wide circumferential grooves and long lateral grooves on the tire’s shoulders. Relatively affordable they do wear faster than a set of all-seasons, though Michelin has put a 20,000 mile guarantee on the tread.


Best Summer Tire for BMW X5 (alternative)

Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Luxury

The Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Luxury is one of a handful of tires BMW saw fit to equip the X5 with from the factory, so you know they already have a lot going for them.

These performance summer tires deliver next-level grip and thanks to a silica-enhanced tread compound they offer excellent wet grip too.

As the name suggests, these tires are also designed to be luxurious and so they have been built for optimal comfort as well.

There is no milage warranty offered, which is one issue, but pricing is quite affordable compared to similar summer performance tires.


Longest Lasting BMW X5 Tire

Nitto NT421Q

If long lasting tread is what you’re after for your BMW X5 then the Nitto NT421Q has to be your top choice. Offering 10,000 ore mils than an of the competition, Nitto guarantees these tires for at least 75,000 miles.

Designed with very specific tread sections to deliver grip in different situations, this all-season tire has better year-round capability than most on this list. It also has one of the lowest price points.


Cheapest Tire for BMW X5

Nankang Cross Sport SP-9

This all-season tire is certainly not one of the top performers on this list, but it is the cheapest, costing less than half of what some of the pricey high-performance fitments do. Handling is nowhere near rivals, braking power is pretty decent in the dry, although this tire gives up quite a bit when it comes to wet weather grip. It is heavily siped so it should do better in the wet and it should be better suited to colder temperatures and inclement weather. A 50,000 mile warrant is a decent length so you know these tires will provide several years of wear.

What Tires Come on the BMW X5?

With different engines, trim levels and more to chose from there’s a very long list of tires that BMW has chosen to equip the X5 with. The tire depends on the specific build of the X5. Below is a list based on tire size. Almost all of them are run flat tires.

19-inch BMW X5 tires

  • Bridgestone Alenza Sport AS RFT
  • Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP
  • Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Run Flat
  • Continental Cross Contact LX Sport SSR
  • Pirelli P Zero Run Flat (PZ4)
  • Hankook Ventus S1 Evo3 SUV HRS
  • Michelin Latitude Sport 3 ZP

20-inch BMW X5 Tires

  • Bridgestone Alenza Sport AS RFT
  • Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Run Flat
  • Continental Cross Contact LX Sport SSR

21-inch BMW X5 Tires

  • Pirelli P Zero Run Flat (PZ4)
  • Continental Premium Contact 6 SSR

22-inch BMW X5 Tires

  • Pirelli P Zero PZ4
  • Continental Premium Contact 6

Tire Buying FAQ

Where can I find the best price on tires?

There is no one answer to this question unfortunately. Sites like Tire Rack and Discount tire offer deals all the time on specific brands. You can also find deals on Amazon though they are much harder to find and often only apply to a specific size or group of sizes. Visit our Tire Deals page for more info.

When is the best time to buy tires?

It’s common that many shoppers buy tires once its already too late. At that point you don’t have a lot of choice and can often over-pay. If you’re planning ahead, generally, retailers offer significant tire deals around major holiday weekends (especially in the summer), as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is often included when you purchase tires online. Many retailers offer free shipping if you get your tires shipped to an installer that they recommend. Even if you ship to your home, Tire Rack offers free shipping on purchases over $50. And if you’re buying new tires, that won’t be hard.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping can take just a few days, or over a week in the worst cases. Often it depends on where you live. anyone in a larger urban center or living closer to a tire distribution center can get them quite quickly.

Does anyone offer mobile tire installation?

Depending on where you live, there may be numerous local mobile tire installers available. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of tracking one down, TireRack offers its own service. You don’t even have to purchase tires from TireRack to use it.

While it’s more expensive than bringing your tires to the shop, it’s also a lot more convenient. Prices start at $25 per tire.

How much does it cost to install a tire?

Generally you’ll pay between $25 and $50 per tire for installation services. This includes mounting and balancing, while using the latest tools so your rims don’t get scuffed or scraped.

Do I need to replace the tire pressure monitoring system when I change tires?

It’s not necessary to replace TMPS sensors when you change tires, but you may want to consider it. The units can fail over time due to damage or corrosion. Also, most units contain a battery and as a sealed unit, they must be replaced when the battery wears down. While most tire installers will handle sourcing these parts for you, you can also buy your own here.

Do online tire retailers offer rebates?

Absolutely! In fact, rebates are offered by most brands (even premium ones). Often these incentives are offered with other deals including up-front discounts and credit card offers.

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