Best Chevy Trailblazer Tires

Best Chevy Trailblazer Tires

Chevy resurrected the Trailblazer name, but this compact crossover doesn’t share much else with its predecessor. Small in size, its interior dimensions are surprisingly good. Under the hood things are also quite small with a choice or two turbocharged 3-cylinder engines.

If your tires are wearing down and it’s time for a new set, see our list of the best Chevy Trailblazer tires below.

Chevy Trailblazer Tire Sizes

Depending on the trim level you select, the Trailblazer comes with one of the following two tire sizes.

  • 225/60/17
  • 225/55/18

Best Tire for Chevy Trailblazer

Firestone Destination LE3

Firestone Destination LE3 Review

Capable, affordable and long lasting. One of Firestone’s newest tires, the Destination LE3 delivers plenty for a very reasonable price.

Agile handling in the dry and impressive capability in the wet, it makes use of a silica-infused tread compound that allows for all this, plus long life.

But perhaps the biggest improvement to this tire over the old LE2 is that it’s been engineered to perform at a high level over the life of the tire. Tread features are built to stick around, so that this tire isn’t just a great performer when new, but even when significantly worn.

And speaking of tread life, this tire comes with a warranty of 70,000 miles, meaning you’ll enjoy its qualities and its value for a long, long time.

Plus, while most all-seasons aren’t great in winter weather, this tire has some grip where others do not.


Best Tire for Chevy Trailblazer (Runner up)

Hankook Kinergy GT

Hankook Kinergy GT Review

Checking a lot of boxes, the Kinergy GT from Hankook has numerous great features. Driving dynamics are quite good for a more affordable all-season, with a mostly solid center rib that offers great turn-in response. The shoulder sections are almost fully connected and offer a substantial contact patch with the road, increasing this tire’s grip and driving enjoyment.

Wet weather traction is solid thanks to numerous lateral slits as well as deep evacuation channels. Winter grip isn’t quite as capable as others in the segment though (such as the Firestone above).

Pricing is attractive and the 70,000 mile tread life warranty also make this tire an excellent value.


Best Budget Tire for Chevy Trailblazer

Kumho Crugen HP71

Kumho Crugen HP71 Review

If you’re shopping for a tire that does the job, but not a lot more, the Kumho Crugen HP71 could be the right choice for you.

Driving dynamics are fine, but hardly sporty. Wet grip is good, but nothing next-level. And winter grip isn’t great – no different than the majority of all-season tires).

Perhaps the best feature of this tire (other than its price) is its quiet and comfortable ride – something everyone can appreciate.

Most drivers will find these tires perfectly adequate. The 65,000 mile tread life warranty is actually quite good. And the price makes a particularly convincing argument.


Best All-Weather Tire for Chevy Trailblazer

Michelin CrossClimate2

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Review

We’ll highlight the worst feature of this tire up front: the price. They’re expensive. At least 15% more than what you’d normally think you’d be spending on a set of tires. So why would you consider them? Let me explain.

What makes this tire so unique (other than the obvious tread pattern) is that it’s an all-season tire that actually performs in winter. In fact, it features the same three-peak mountain snowflake logo on the sidewall that a winter tire does, because it’s been certified to meet the same basic standard as a true winter tire.

Snow grips to it impressively well, offering real winter traction. It easily evacuates water from the contact patch for wet grip, and those ultra-wide tread blocks offer stability in the dry. Overall, it performs like a true premium all-season.

The tread life of 60,000 miles is shorter than most in this segment, however, you won’t need to concern yourself with swapping tires in the Fall and Spring.


Best Winter Tire for Chevy Trailbazer

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

If you’re shopping for winter grip, we often recommend the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tire. However, it usually also comes with a warning: price.

Generally these top-performing Bridgestones cost a bundle, but not here. We’re not really sure of the reason, but in the smaller sizes for the Trailblazer, Blizzaks are surprisingly affordable. So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

These tires deliver some of the very best on-snow grip you can buy in any tire. The ultra wide tread section gives amazing stability (and confidence) on snow. Plus, you’ve got exceptional traction under acceleration, cornering and braking, thanks to lines of sipes in the tread blocks that run in numerous directions.

Some winter tires may perform a touch better on ice, but for true snow traction, these are our top pick.


Cheapest Chevy Trailblazer Tire

Cooper Endeavor Plus

A budget-focused tire that’s actually more of a bargain than it needs to be.

We’ll add that there are cheaper tires you can find than the Cooper Endeavor Plus, however, most of them are junk. This tire offers better-than-expected performance in almost all areas and does so for a surprisingly good price.

The highlight of this tire, according to Cooper, is limited road noise and a comfortable ride. It certainly achieves all of this.

What Cooper doesn’t brag about is performance and here the Endeavor Plus packs a few surprises. Handling is better than expected and the heavy siping and numerous grip-points in the tread make this tire a stand-out in the wet. Even winter grip is well above average.

About the only issue here is dry braking, which in independent testing is shown to be somewhat lacking compared to rival tires. The verse is true in the wet and in snow, however, where it out-performs rivals like the Kumho Crugen HP71 ad Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country Tour.

On top of all this, a 65,000 mile tread life warranty is a bit less than the top recommended tires on this list, but is still very decent.

The only reason we can think of that this tire is so affordably priced, is Cooper is looking to under cut the competition while this tire is new and build a following with an aggressive pricing strategy. We’d say: check it out!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Tires Come on the Chevy Trailblazer?

17-inch tires

Continental ProContact TX

18-inch tires

Hankook Kinergy GT

How Long do Chevy Trailblazer tires last?

Depending on the exact tire equipped on the Trailblazer, the life of the tires equipped changes significantly. Most versions of this crossover come with Continental ProContact TX tires and they have a relatively short life of 55,000 miles. If, however, your model has the Hankooks, expect to see upwards to 70,000 miles on a set.

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