Best Lexus RX450h Tires

Best Lexus RX450h Tires

Combine what has made the Lexus RX350 so immensely popular with a more-powerful and incredibly efficient hybrid drivetrain and you have the RX450h.

If your hybrid crossover’s tires are nearing the end of their useable life and you’re in the market for a new set, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best Lexus RX450h tires based on fuel economy, ride quality, performance, tread life and price.

Lexus RX450h Tire Sizes

Below are the different trim levels available for the Lexus RX450h as well as the different tire options that come on these trim levels from the factory.

  • Base 235/65/18 or 235/55/20
  • F-Sport 235/55/20


Best Tires for Lexus RX450h

20-inch Tires

Top of our list is a factory option that you may already have on your RX450h right now. The Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422 Plus delivers an excellent combination of long tire life (70,000 mile warranty) and decent handling, with superior ride quality and low rolling resistance features to help your hybrid get most most out of each drop of fuel.

Second to that, the Michelin Premier LTX is another factory-equipped tire that offers a more engaging ride, though with a reduction in tread life.

Moving to some additional options, the Continental Cross Contact LX 25 increases winter grip and delivers a luxurious ride. It comes with a higher 70,000 mile warranty and costs considerably less than the two options above.

The Yokohama YK-CTX is more performance-focused, if that’s what you’re looking for. It makes for a more engaging ride with superior braking performance in the wet and dry. And it’s even more affordable.

Finally, as a unique option, there’s the Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready. This tire costs more like the first two and comes with a lower 60,000 mil warranty, but it’s certified for true winter use, meaning you can rely on it to deliver grip in cold temperatures and snow, and never have to think about swapping tires when the seasons change.

Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422 Plus

Michelin Premier LTX

Continental Cross Contact LX 25

Yokohama YK-CTX

Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready


Longest Lasting Tire for Lexus RX450h

Goodyear Assurance Max Life


Best Budget Tire for Lexus RX450h

Kumho Crugen HP71

Falken Pro G5 CSV



Best Performance All Season Tire for Lexus RX450h

Goodyear Eagle Sport AS

Michelin Primacy Tour AS


Cheapest Tire for Lexus RX450h

GT Radial Touring VP Plus


Best Winter Tire for Lexus RX450h

Bridgestone Blizzak DMV2


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