Best Mazda CX-9 Tires

As usual, Mazda really went in its own direction with the CX-9 and if you’re shopping for replacement tires, you’re about to find out how that applies here.

The CX-9 is certainly handsome for a family hauler and unlike essentially all rivals it adds some driving joy to the mix. To achieve this Mazda’s tire specs are unique and as a result, there aren’t a lot of options for replacement tires.

If you’re more of a glass-half-full person, think of it this way: the limited selection really makes shopping for tires easy!

Mazda CX-9 Tire Size

Below are the two sizes of tires the Mazda CX-9 comes equipped with from the factory.

  • 255/60/18
  • 255/50/20

Best Mazda CX-9 Tire

Yokohama Geolandar HT G056

It’s not often that we recommend buying a tire that doesn’t come with a tread life warranty, so we’re definitely making an exception here. The reasons are many.

For starters, this is essentially the same tire that comes on the fire from the factory, that model being called the Geolandar G056B. So you could buy that tire, but it costs roughly 30 percent more for no real reason.

The Yokohama Geolandar HT G056 is a highway terrain tire, meaning it’s versatile enough to be used for some light off-roading, while it’s primary focus is on offering refined on-road driving dynamics, comfort, a low noise level and a long lasting ride. This particular tire favors performance over long life, so expect to get 60,000 to 65,000 miles out of a set.

It really is ideal for the driving dynamics of a Mazda and boasts fantastic dry grip, although wet weather grip is just ok.


Best Mazda CX-9 Tire (alternative)

Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33

If the Yokohama’s lack a tread life warranty has you concerned, here’s our runner-up choice for best Mazda CX-9 tire. The Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33 will ease your concerns with a 65,000 mile tread life warranty. That’s not amazing for tires overall, but it’s as good as you’ll get for the CX-9’s limited selection.

This all-season tire matches the Yokohama’s dry and wet weather performance. It does, however, lack that tire’s light off-roading capability. Then again, that might not be much concern to you.

It also costs about 15% less per tire, making it an attractive option.


Cheapest Mazda CX-9 Tire

Kumho Road Venture APT KL51

A unique fitment, the budget brands just don’t offer a tire for the CX-9. As a result, the cheapest option isn’t all that cheap. On the flip side, that means it’s also not that bad. It even comes with a 60,000 mile tread life warranty.

The Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 costs about 20% less than the more expensive tires on this list and doesn’t give up much in exchange. The center tread rib makes for a stable and responsive highway ride, while large shoulder blocks hold up well under hard cornering.

Overall, this is an impressive tire for the money.

Best Winter Tire for Mazda CX-9

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Incredibly competent on cold or icy roads, where the Blizzak DM-V2 really impresses is in deep snow and on snow packed roads. It’s ultra wide center section gives it amazing stability to help you stay planted, while the multi-directional sipes gives grip under acceleration, braking and cornering. Even the shoulder treads have sipes on their edges, giving the tire amazing handling capability on snowy roads as well. No winter tire gives you confidence in snow like a Blizzak.


Best Affordable Winter Tire for Mazda CX-9

Yokohama Iceguard G075

Solid winter performance at a great price point. Yes, there are more capable winter tires depending on your needs and budget, but the Yokohama Iceguard G075 does a fantastic job at a very reasonable price. Using a unique pattern of seven tread rows this allows for extra biting edges in the snow and excellent stability and responsiveness when driving on snow covered roads.

The tread compound resists freezing at lower temperatures and offering excellent grip on clear roads, even when they ice over.


Cheapest Tire for Mazda CX-9 (alternative)

Laufenn S FIT AS

A sporty all-season at a great price, the Laufenn S FIT AS will bring out the driving dynamics in your Mazda.

It features an aggressive tread design and compound, with mostly solid center tread ribs enabling quick response, as well as impressive performance under acceleration and braking. The shoulder tread sections are also quite wide and are reinforced on the inboard side with a circumferential tread section that gives stability in corners and predictable handling.

Overall, grip in the dry is quite impressive. Wet traction is also solid, although it tends to decrease more noticeably when the temperature drops – more so than a premium offering.

Tread life is just 45,000 miles which is a definite drawback, but the performance for the price is hard to argue with.


Additional tires for the Mazda CX-9

Nokian Nordman 7 SUV

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS

Nitto Terra Grappler AT

Hankook Dynapro AT2 RF11

Mazda CX-9 Tire FAQ

What tires come on the Mazda CX-9

18-inch tires

Yokohama Geolandar HT G056B

20-inch tires

Bridgestone Ecopia HL422 Plus

Falken Ziex CT50 A/S

How long do Mazda CX-9 tires last?

None of the factory-equipped Mazda CX-9 tires come with a tread life warranty. That said, based on user feedback we anticipate roughly 50,000 to 55,000 miles on a set. This assumes proper tread tire rotation at set intervals as well as maintaining proper inflation levels over the life of the tire.

Tire Buying FAQ

Where can I find the best price on tires?

There is no one answer to this question unfortunately. Sites like Tire Rack and Discount tire offer deals all the time on specific brands. You can also find deals on Amazon though they are much harder to find and often only apply to a specific size or group of sizes. Visit our Tire Deals page for more info.

When is the best time to buy tires?

It’s common that many shoppers buy tires once its already too late. At that point you don’t have a lot of choice and can often over-pay. If you’re planning ahead, generally, retailers offer significant tire deals around major holiday weekends (especially in the summer), as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is often included when you purchase tires online. Many retailers offer free shipping if you get your tires shipped to an installer that they recommend. Even if you ship to your home, Tire Rack offers free shipping on purchases over $50. And if you’re buying new tires, that won’t be hard.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping can take just a few days, or over a week in the worst cases. Often it depends on where you live. anyone in a larger urban center or living closer to a tire distribution center can get them quite quickly.

Does anyone offer mobile tire installation?

Depending on where you live, there may be numerous local mobile tire installers available. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of tracking one down, TireRack offers its own service. You don’t even have to purchase tires from TireRack to use it.

While it’s more expensive than bringing your tires to the shop, it’s also a lot more convenient. Prices start at $25 per tire.

How much does it cost to install a tire?

Generally you’ll pay between $25 and $50 per tire for installation services. This includes mounting and balancing, while using the latest tools so your rims don’t get scuffed or scraped.

Do I need to replace the tire pressure monitoring system when I change tires?

It’s not necessary to replace TMPS sensors when you change tires, but you may want to consider it. The units can fail over time due to damage or corrosion. Also, most units contain a battery and as a sealed unit, they must be replaced when the battery wears down. While most tire installers will handle sourcing these parts for you, you can also buy your own here.

Do online tire retailers offer rebates?

Absolutely! In fact, rebates are offered by most brands (even premium ones). Often these incentives are offered with other deals including up-front discounts and credit card offers.

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