Best Mercedes GLC Tires

Best Mercedes GLC Tires

Few vehicles have such a broad range of models so it’s no surprise the GLC is such a hit. Combining style and utility, drop that Mercedes badge on the hood and who doesn’t want to own one?

If your tires are running down, we’ve compiled a list of the best Mercedes GLC tires in different categories for different needs, including all-seasons, performance tires, winter tires and more.


Mercedes GLC Tire Sizes

GLC 300

  • Coupe 4Matic 235/55/19 or 255/45/20 or 255/45/20 (front) 285/40/20 (rear)
  • Coupe Sport 4Matic 255/45/20 (front) 285/40/20 (rear)
  • SUV 4Matic 235/60/18 or 235/55/19 or 255/45/20
  • SUV RWD 235/60/18 or 235/55/19 or 255/45/20
  • SUV Sport 4Matic 235/55/19 or 255/45/20
  • SUV Sport RWD 235/55/19 or 255/45/20


  • SUV 235/60/18 or 235/55/19 or 255/45/20


  • Coupe 4Matic 225/45/20 (front) 285/40/20 (rear) or 255/40/21 (front) 285/35/21 (rear)
  • SUV 4Matic 225/45/20 (front) 285/40/20 (rear) or 255/40/21 (front) 285/35/21 (rear)


  • Coupe 4Matic 255/45/20 (front) 285/40/20 (rear) or 265/40/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear)
  • SUV 4Matic 255/45/20 (front) 285/40/20 (rear) or 265/40/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear)


  • 265/45/20 (front) 295/40/20 (rear) or 265/45/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear)


Best Mercedes GLC Tires

There really is no shortage of excellent tire choices for the Mercedes GLC. Top among them would actually be a tire that comes on the crossover straight from the factory. The Continental Cross Contact LX delivers a lower tread life than many in the segment but with superior driving dynamics, and does so without stepping into the more aggressive segment with tires that wear quite fast. In that sense, it’s an excellent balance. It’s also available as either a run-flat or not, depending on your preference.

Our runner up is another Conti, the Cross Contact LX 25. This features a lengthy 70,000 mile tread life and still retains a decent amount of performance grip, while adding in impressive all-season capability.

Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422 Plus offers the same tread life estimate as the Contis. It’s not as engaging to drive but is whisper quiet, extremely comfortable and soaks up the highway miles. It’s also very reasonably priced.

The Michelin Defender LTX MS seems to always wind up on these lists. Its overall performance in the dry is lacking compared to other tires in this class, but it offers advantages in the cold and in mild winter conditions, performing well-beyond the competition.

Those looking for true winter grip, however, should consider the Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready, which is certified for true winter driving and actually doubles as an impressive tire in the dry and wet as well.

Next up are two Pirellis that aren’t our top picks, but still represent solid overall packages. The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II is more affordable, has a longer tread life but slightly lower driving dynamics, while the Scorpion Verde AS (another tire fitted to the GLC from the factory) competes more directly with the Conti LS Sport above, with both grip and performance that sits between a standard all-season and a performance tire.

Finally, the Continental True Contact Tour is another quality option for those who do value long read life and a quality highway ride and are willing to sacrifice some driving dynamics to get it.

Continental Cross Contact LX Sport SSR (run flat)

Continental Cross Contact LX Sport

Continental Cross Contact LX 25

Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422 Plus 

All-Season Michelin Defender LTXMS

Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II

Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS

Continental True Contact Tour 


Longest Lasting Tire for Mercedes GLC

Goodyear Assurance Max Life


Best High Performance All-Season Tires for Mercedes GLC

Our top choice here is a fantastic Michelin tire, the Pilot Sport AS 3 Plus with the “plus” meaning it’s improved for wet weather performance. In terms of dry weather performance it’s the clear stand-out. It’s the best tire of the bunch but it does also cost like it.

Next up is the Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport. This tire is actually a bit less sporty and more refined, but does cost even more than the Michelin.

From there the Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS Plus and Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 are very equal in terms of all-weather capability and overall performance. Not quite at the level of the first two, they cost about 20% less. And finally the Yokohama Geolandar X-CX takes it down another slight step in all regards, critically, in terms of both performance and price.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS Plus

Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3 Plus

Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06

Yokohama Geolandar X-CV

Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport


Best Ultra High Performance Summer Tires for Mercedes GLC

The Michelin is the top performer here, although it’s as much as 25% more expensive than the Pirelli. So if you absolutely want the best, then be prepared to pay for it.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Pirelli Scorpion Verde


Best Budget Tires for Mercedes GLC

Kumho Crugen HP71

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

General Altimax RT43


Cheapest Tire for Mercedes GLC

GT Radial Touring VP Plus


Best Winter Tires for Mercedes GLC

Bridgestone Blizzak DMV2

Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV


Cheapest Winter Tires for Mercedes GLC

Cooper Evolution Winter Studdable

Yokohama Iceguard G075

Tire Buying FAQ

Where can I find the best price on tires?

There is no one answer to this question unfortunately. Sites like Tire Rack and Discount tire offer deals all the time on specific brands. You can also find deals on Amazon though they are much harder to find and often only apply to a specific size or group of sizes. Visit our Tire Deals page for more info.

When is the best time to buy tires?

It’s common that many shoppers buy tires once its already too late. At that point you don’t have a lot of choice and can often over-pay. If you’re planning ahead, generally, retailers offer significant tire deals around major holiday weekends (especially in the summer), as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is often included when you purchase tires online. Many retailers offer free shipping if you get your tires shipped to an installer that they recommend. Even if you ship to your home, Tire Rack offers free shipping on purchases over $50. And if you’re buying new tires, that won’t be hard.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping can take just a few days, or over a week in the worst cases. Often it depends on where you live. anyone in a larger urban center or living closer to a tire distribution center can get them quite quickly.

Does anyone offer mobile tire installation?

Depending on where you live, there may be numerous local mobile tire installers available. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of tracking one down, TireRack offers its own service. You don’t even have to purchase tires from TireRack to use it.

While it’s more expensive than bringing your tires to the shop, it’s also a lot more convenient. Prices start at $25 per tire.

How much does it cost to install a tire?

Generally you’ll pay between $25 and $50 per tire for installation services. This includes mounting and balancing, while using the latest tools so your rims don’t get scuffed or scraped.

Do I need to replace the tire pressure monitoring system when I change tires?

It’s not necessary to replace TMPS sensors when you change tires, but you may want to consider it. The units can fail over time due to damage or corrosion. Also, most units contain a battery and as a sealed unit, they must be replaced when the battery wears down. While most tire installers will handle sourcing these parts for you, you can also buy your own here.

Do online tire retailers offer rebates?

Absolutely! In fact, rebates are offered by most brands (even premium ones). Often these incentives are offered with other deals including up-front discounts and credit card offers.


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