Best Mitsubishi Outlander Tires

Mitsubishi has gone through some rough years recently with plenty of changes to its product lineup, but the Outlander has continued on as the brand’s top seller.

An economical choice with a fantastic warranty and a pretty slick all-wheel drive system, it’s easily the brand’s most compelling product offering.

If you’re in need of new tires, we’ve gathered a list of the best Mitsubishi Outlander tires based on factors like performance and capability, as well as warranty and price.

Mitsubishi Outlander Tire Size

Below is a list of each trim level for the Outlander and its respective tire size.

  • ES 225/55/18
  • ES S 225/55/18
  • GT S 225/55/18
  • SE 225/55/18
  • SE S 225/55/18
  • SEL 225/55/18
  • SEL S 225/55/18

What Tire is Best for a Mitsubishi Outlander?

Best Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander

Continental Cross Contact LX 25

There’s a lot to like about the Continental Cross Contact LX 25. This performance all-season tire blends the driving engagement and safety you demand, with the price and warranty you want. Performance on dry twisty roads is particularly impressive with shoulder treads that are connected to deliver consistent grip.

A warranty of 70,000 miles is (almost) the most you’re going to see for a vehicle like this, while pricing is a good bit less than comparable Michelins.

In addition, continental backs this tire with its total confidence plan that includes three years of roadside assistance for a flat tire change or a 150 mile tow, as well as free replacement for any road hazard damage that renders the tire inoperable during the first 2/32-inch of treadwear.


Best Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander (alternative)

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II

If you’re willing to spend a bit more to get a bit more this tire is a fantastic option. With a tread pattern that looks noticeably more meticulous in terms of its edges and siping, it holds up under cornering a bit better for a more engaging ride. We’d expect no less from Pirelli. At the same time, wet and mid winter capability are maintained. A slightly softer tread compound also helps for gripper performance in the dry. Careful attention was also paid to making sure this tire is comfortable, fuel efficient and features a design that minimize road noise by cancelling out unwanted road noise.

All this and it comes with a 70,000 mile tread life warranty too.


Best Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander (alternative)

Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady Review

This tire is high on our list but very different from the Continental mentioned above. It costs more and has a lower warranty, but there’s a good reason for it.

That reason is that unlike a lot of all-season tires, the Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready is actually built for optimal performance in all seasons. That means winter too. The tire makes use of a specific tread compound and pattern that allows it to resist freezing in low temperatures and grip on snow. As a result, it features the three-peak mountain snowflake log on the sidewall, indicating that it’s certified for extreme winter use.

Beyond that, it features unique wet wether technology where water evacuation channels on the tire open up to become wider as the tread wears, allowing it to maintain its grip.

As for dry season performance, normally this would be sacrificed with the winter capability, but Goodyear manages to impress here as well thanks to tread blocks that “lock” together under cornering to create a more stable grip surface.

So that’s the good news. The bad news is the 60,000 mile warranty is certainly less than rivals. (Although you won’t have to worry about buying or swapping winter tires) and the price of all this technology comes at… well… it comes at a price.


Longest Lasting Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander

Hankook Kinergy PT H737

If you’re shopping for new tires and don’t want to do it again any time soon, at all, then these are the tires for you. The Hankook Kinergy PT H737 is really more of a sedan tire, but with modern crossovers blurring the lines, these are perfectly acceptable for the Outlander. Sporty performance isn’t why you buy a set of tires like these so don’t expect a lot. The tread pattern is designed with plenty of siping and edges to create grip in wet or mild wintry conditions. The tread’s UTQG rating of 860 is incredibly high, meaning the tire compound is intended to last forever, and it almost does, with a guaranteed 90,000 miles per tire.


Best All-Terrain Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander

Falken Wildpeak AT Trail

Falken Wildpeak AT Trail Review

Are there more capable all-terrain tires than the Falken Wildpeak AT Trail? You might be surprised when we say: yes. So why are we recommending this tire? Simple.

Rather than go for extreme performance, Falken made the Wildpeak AT Trail specifically to meet the needs of modern utility vehicle drivers who want to explore off-road. Instead of extreme grip, it’s designed to deliver solid grip on dirt rails and gravel roads. And perhaps just as importantly, it’s designed to hold up to this sort of use regularly.

In fact, it’s backed with a 65,000 mile tread life warranty, which is exceptionally high for an all-terrain tire.

On top of all this, the tread pattern used is more on-road friendly than is normal for an AT tire so you end up with better responsiveness, better braking capability (in the wet in particular), plus it’s quieter too.

On top of all this it’s even certified for extreme winter use.


Best Budget Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander

Falken Pro G5 CSV

The Falken Pro G5 CSV offers a well-rounded and economical choice for the Mitsubishi Outlander. Priced only marginally higher than the cheapest offerings available it makes for a compelling package. Falken might not be a household name, but it’s certainly a trusted tire brand, from high-performance enthusiasts to the off-road.

The Pro G5 CSV delivers admirable performance in the dry and wet as well as some light winter capability. Build specifically for modern crossovers it offers a quiet and smooth ride as well.

A warranty of 60,000 miles comes with each tire, which actually quite solid.

Overall, if you’re looking for a more affordable option from a brand you can really trust, this is a great choice.

Cheaest Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander

Ohtsu FP0612 AS

Everyone likes saving money. Or at least not spending it if you don’t have to. If that sounds like you, then check out the Ohtsu FP0612 AS. This budget brand tire isn’t fantastic. But it’s really not that bad either, especially if you live in a warmer climate.

An extra wide center rib and aggressive tread design clearly indicates this is a performance all-season tire and it actually backs that up with engaging responsiveness and excellent grip on dry roads. Wet weather traction and braking capability do fall a bit short of the competition though.

A 40,000 mile warranty isn’t much for a tire in this segment. But then you won’t be paying very much for a set either.

Best Runflat Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander

Bridgestone Driveguard

If you’re looking for run flat tires for your Outlander you don’t have a lot of choice. Regardless, the Bridgestone Driveguard stands out. As a run flat tire, once punctured you can still drive up to 50 miles on a tire. But this tire is also a lot more than that, with solid wet performance and an impressively dynamic drive. Dry braking performance stands out and overall handling it beyond most of our top recommendations on this list. The down-side of that performance is a tire that will wear faster, as the 60,000 mile tread life warranty indicates.

You’ll also pay a premium for the run flat technology. Still, if safety is what you’re after, it’s always worth the price.


Best Winter Tire for Mitsubishi Outlander

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

We recommend these tires a lot. And for good reason.

The Blizzak DM-V2 makes use of the latest winter grip technology in a tire that’s built a reputation for being a superior performer in the snow.

The ultra-wide center tread section, packed full of tread blocks gives exceptional stability on snow-covered roads. And the siping on those blocks, running in every different direction, delivers next-level grip in the snow. That applies to acceleration, braking and cornering.

With a tread compound designed to resist freezing, grip on cold yet clear roads is impressive, as is grip on ice. Traction in the snow, however, really is this tire’s stand-out feature.

Of note, winter tires for the 20-inch Outlander size are not as common, so while we definitely recommend these Blizzak’s for the 18-inch fitment, if your model has 20s then you might need to consider the Blizzak LM005. We’ll also caution that due to the unusual sizing of the 20-inch tires, pricing for these tends to be quite expensive. That said, we always recommend any winter tire over no winter tire… so opting for a more affordable tire might be the most practical decision here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What tires come on the Mitsubishi Outlander?

18-inch tires

Falken Ziex ZE001A A/S

Toyo A45

20-inch tires

Bridgestone Ecopia HL422 Plus

Nexen Roadian GTX

How Long do Mitsubishi Outlander Tires Last?

Expected tread life for the Outlander’s tires varies dependent on which size tire you get. Models equipped with the larger 20-inch tires fro either Nexen or Bridgestone should see approximately 70,000 miles before needing replacement. Lower trim levels with the 18-inch sizes should last roughly 50,000 to 55,000 miles.

Additional Mitsubishi Outlander Tires

Kumho Krugen HP71

Yokohama YK740 GTX

Pirelli Scorpion Strada All Season

Michelin CrossClimate2

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