Best Nissan Rogue Sport Tires

Best Nissan Rogue Sport Tires

A somewhat confusingly named vehicle the Rogue Sport isn’t a sportier version of the Rogue, it’s an entirely different vehicle. And a smaller one too.

If your tires are wearing low and you’re hunting for the best Nissan Rogue Sport tires we’ve assembled a list of our top picks based on critical factors like performance, all-season capability, tread life and price.

Nissan Rogue Sport Tire Sizes

Below are the different tire sizes available for the Nissan Rogue Sport.

  • 215/65/16
  • 215/60/17
  • 225/45/19


17-inch Tires

Best Tires for Nissan Rogue Sport

Three fantastic options for the Rogue Sport, the Michelin and Continental are both extremely similar. Both come with an 80,000 mile warranty and offer similar driving dynamics and ride quality. Where they differ is that the Michelin has slightly better braking performance in the wet and dry and costs a bit more as well. Generally, we’d say they’re worth it.

The Goodyears are totally different. These impressive tires cost more but offer true winter grip and come certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake logo. They only get a 60,000 mile warranty, but they’re a great option for those who want true winter grip and who don’t want to worry about swapping tires twice a year.

Michelin Defender T+H

Continental Control Contact Tour AS Plus

Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready


Longest Lasting Tires for Nissan Rogue Sport

One of the absolute longest lasting tires on the market, the Pirelli P4 Fourseasons Plus is rated to last 90,000 miles.

Pirelli P4 Fourseasons Plus


Best Budget Tires for Nissan Rogue Sport

General Altimax RT43

Hankook Kinergy ST H735


Cheapest Tire for Nissan Rogue Sport

Priced around $80 and $100 per tire respectively, the Lafenn option is rated slightly higher in terms of tread wear (45,000 miles vs 40,000 miles for the Ohtsu). The Laufenn is also better in the wet.

Ohtsu FP0612 AS

Laufenn G FIT AS


Best Winter Tires for Nissan Rogue Sport

Pirelli Cinturato Winter 

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Hankook Winter i Pike W409


Cheapest Winter Tires for Nissan Rogue Sport

Yokohama Iceguard IG51V


What Tires Come on the Nissan Rogue Sport?

Below is a list of available tire options for the Rogue Sport depending on the size of the wheels.

  • 16-inch wheels: Yokohama Geolandar G055G
  • 17-inch wheels: Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422 Plus or Falken Sincera SN250A AS
  • 19-inch wheels Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422 Plus

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