Best Porsche Macan Tires

Best Porsche Macan Tires

Porsche’s top selling model, the Macan leads the luxury compact crossover segment in driving enjoyment and outright prestige.

If the rubber on your model is in need of replacing, we’ve laid out our top picks for the best Porsche Macan tires in categories for summer, all-seasons, winter and more.


Porsche Macan Tire Sizes

Below is a list of different trim levels available for the Porsche Macan as well as the tire sizes offered for each trim.

  • Base 235/55/19 (front) 255/50/19 (rear) or 235/60/18 (front) 255/55/18 (rear) or 265/45/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear) or 265/45/20 (front) 295/45/29 (rear)
  • Base w Ceramic Coated Brakes 235/55/19 (front) 255/50/19 (rear) or 265/45/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear) or 265/45/20 (front) 295/45/29 (rear)
  • GTS 265/45/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear) or 265/45/20 (front) 295/45/29 (rear)
  • GTS w Carbon Ceramic Brakes 265/45/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear) or 265/45/20 (front) 295/45/29 (rear)
  • S 235/55/19 (front) 255/50/19 (rear) or 235/60/18 (front) 255/55/18 (rear) or 265/45/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear) or 265/45/20 (front) 295/45/29 (rear)
  • Turbo 235/55/19 (front) 255/50/19 (rear) or 265/45/21 (front) 295/35/21 (rear) or 265/45/20 (front) 295/45/29 (rear)


Best Performance All-Season Tire for Porsche Macan

To keep your Macan performing much like it does from the factory, or better, a set of performance all-season tires is ideal. Top amongst those is the Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3 Plus. Dry weather grip and handling dynamics are best-in-class while new improvements to the tire make it better in colder temperatures (even a little light snow) than past iterations.

Our next pick would be the Continental Pro Contact TX, which offers a slightly less engaging drive but superior all weather grip. This tire is actually what Porsche equips many Macan models with from the factory.

Stepping down slightly in terms of overall performance and price, while offering slightly improved tread life are three very equal tires, the Pirelli Scropion Zero AS Plus, the Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 and Yokohama Geolandar X-CV.

Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3 Plus

Continental Pro Contact TX

Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS Plus

Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06

Yokohama Geolandar X-CV


Best Ultra High Performance Summer Tire for Porsche Macan

If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your Macan we have three choices for ideal UHP summer tires. First up is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV which is designed to bring top-level performance mixed with a construction built for a heavier utility vehicle with a higher ride height.

Runner up is the Continental Sport Contact 5. And finally there’s the Pirelli P Zero, which isn’t quite at the level of the other two. It is, however, significantly cheaper and while not as impressive, it’s far from lacking and is actually another factory option from Porsche.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Continental Sport Contact 5

Pirelli P Zero


Best All-Season Tires for Porsche Macan

The choices below are usually our top recommendations for many utility vehicles, however, with the Macan’s performance focus they are sure to make for a less engaging drive than the factory-equipped tires. These options will, however, last longer, cost less and for the most part will perform much better in the cold.

Chief among those is the Michelin Defender LTX MS. This tire is known for its impressive cold weather and light snow capability (for an all-season tire) though it gives up even more than most in terms of handling dynamics. The 70,000 mile warranty means they will last a long time.

Next up is the Continental Cross Contact LX 25 which is more well-rounded in terms of offering all-season grip and a mixture of driving dynamics and highway refinement. It gets the same warranty and costs significantly less.

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS focuses more on the performance side, for those who want a longer lasting all-season tire but don’t want to give up too much of the Macan’s built-in handling capability.

Michelin Defender LTX MS

Continental Cross Contact LX 25

Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS


Best Budget Tire for Porsche Macan

Kumho Crugen HP71


Best Winter Tires for Porsche Macan

Bridgestone Blizzak DMV2

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV


Cheapest Winter Tire for Porsche Macan

Yokohama Iceguard G075


Cheapest Tire for Porsche Macan

Westlake SU318 HT

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  1. I live in the Washington DC metro area and have a 2020 Macan S equipped with Bridgestone Blizzak DMV2’s. Right after the recent snowstorm left 4-6 inches of snow and ice on the roads I was out driving around and noticed many cars, SUV’s, trucks, and buses really struggling with traction. The Blizzaks kept the Macan absolutely glued to the road (in AWD mode) and made the driving absolutely routine. Could not give a higher recommendation.

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