Best Replacement Tires for Honda Ridgeline

So your factory rubber on your Honda Ridgeline is nearing the end of its life. Buying replacement tires is never terribly exciting. You’re not looking for some cool off-road tires or some high-performance rubber for a sports car. Nope.

Instead you want value. The name of the game here is a tire that delivers solid grip in the dry and wet with confident braking. It’s got to be quiet and comfortable and ideally has low rolling resistance to help your fuel economy.

But maybe most of all it has to last a long time and not cost too much. You don’t want to be googling “Best Replacement Tires for Honda Ridgeline” again any time soon. Do you?

So without further adieux, here’ our list of… you guessed it… the best replacement tires for Honda Ridgeline.

Best Replacement Tires for Honda Ridgeline Overall

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Michelin Tire Reviews

Honda often equips its cars with Michelins from the factory. So you shouldn’t be surprised that we’re recommending a Michelin here.

In fact, you should never be surprised by anyone recommending a Michelin Tire. (Unless you’re on a tight budget).

For light trucks the Defender LTX M/S is as good as it gets for daily driving capability. It’s got lots of grip in the wet and dry and performs exceptionally well under braking. It also handles quite well in the corners, which you really notice on a truck like the Ridgeline vs a conventional half-ton.

It’s not cheap, but if you shop around, you’ll find some of it’s competitors aren’t any less expensive. You really get what you pay for here. Plus, it comes wth a 70,000 mile tread life warranty. Again, some tires offer more and some offer less, but the Defender LTX M/S really just hits the sweet spot.

Of note, the Goodyear Assurance Weatheready, which offers slightly fewer guaranteed miles (60,000) and the Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus, which offers slightly more guaranteed miles (80,000) are two other options you can consider.


Best Replacement Tires for Honda Ridgeline for Long Life

Goodyear Assurance Maxlife

As the name suggests, these tires last. And last. And last. If you’re hunting for a set of replacement tires for your Honda Ridgeline and don’t want to think about replacing them again (or ever) we highly recommend Goodyear Assurance Maxlife tires.

With an 85,000 mile tread life warranty, they are the number one leader when it comes to long lasting tires.

Maxing use of Goodyear’s TredLife technology tread compound, they’re also designed for solid all-season performance in dry and wet conditions. To help you keep track of just how long these tires last, Goodyear has integrated built-in wear gauges.

On top of all that, independent consumers on Discount Tire have given this tire a 100% recommendation. (We’ve never seen that before).


Budget Tire for Honda Ridgeline

Kumho Crugen HP71

Kumho Crugen HP71 Review

If you’re looking for a more affordable option for your Ridgeline but one that won’t cost a lot, the Kumho Crugen HP71 is a solid option.

It’s biggest drawback is outright handling. This just isn’t a very impressive tire when it comes to cornering capability and looses traction when pushed easier than most. Chances are, you’re not overly concerned with handling on your Ridgeline though.

Overall wet grip is solid, though winter grip on more affordable tires like this is generally poor.

The tread life is roughly 65,000 miles, which isn’t amazing, but hardly terrible. It’s lower than the top options but that’s to be expected – especially for the price.

We’re not raving about this tire, but it’s a reasonable choice for those who want to save.


What tires come on the Honda Ridgeline?

All Honda Ridgeline models come equipped with 18-inch Firestone Destination LE2 tires.

How Long to Honda Ridgeline Tires Last?

The Firestone tires equipped on the Ridgeline from the factory are rated to last roughly 60,000 miles.

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