Best Toyota bZ4X Tires

Best Toyota bZ4X Tires

Toyota’s first fully-electric mass-market vehicle, the bZ4X might not have the most memorable name but it does offer zero-emissions in a funky design – with all the quality, durability and reliability you’d expect from a Toyota.

If you’re shopping for the best Toyota bZ4X tires, either as a factory replacement option, for something longer lasting, more comfortable or more affordable, we’ve listed a selection of top picks below.

Best Toyota bZ4X Tire Sizes

The bZ4X comes from the factory with either 18 or 20-inch tires.

  • 235/60/18
  • 235/50/20

Best All Season Tire for Toyota bZ4X

Continental Cross Contact LX 25

Continental CrossContact LX 25 Review

One of the most versatile tires on the market the Continental Cross Contact LX 25 combines all-weather performance with a touch of sport and impressive long life. All in a reasonably priced package.

The heavily serrated tread blocks enable a high level of grip in wet and even wintry conditions. At the same time, the reinforced shoulder blocks, which re tied together by a circumferential band, allow for impressively sporty driving dynamics.

A quality tire in all areas, it makes use of Conti’s Comfort Ride Technology, with an added absorbing layer between the tread and the tire’s carcass to soften bumps. Plus, it has the brand’s Next Generation EcoPlus+ Technology to minimize rolling resistance and maximize mileage.

All this and it even gets a 70,000 mile tread life warranty.


Best All Season Tire for Toyota bZ4X (alternative)

Michelin Premier AS

An exceptional tire, the Premier AS was one of the first Michelins to make use of the brand’s Total Performance guarantee. What this means is that it’s designed to not just deliver excellent grip when new, but also when worn for tens of thousands of miles. One of the main ways this tire achieves that goal is by utilizing circumferential grooves that actually widen as the tread wears down. As a result, the tire is able to maintain its water-evacuation capabilities and retain a high level of grip in the wet.

Beyond this, it offers some light snow traction and is reasonably sport as well.

Tread life is a bit lower than the Continentals above (it’s 60,000 miles here) otherwise this tire would probably be tops on our list.


Best Four Season Tire for Toyota bZ4X

Michelin CrossClimate2

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Review

A segment that’s growing in popularity, four season tires are like all-season tires except they actually work in winter. And that’s just what the new Michelin CrossClimate2 is.

Looking incredibly unique, the V-shaped tread pattern works to easily evacuate water in the summer and slush in the winter.

The long tread blocks enable impressive cornering in the dry, and when the snow flies the divisions in each tread block work to trap snow to the tire and give it a high level of traction.


Most Comfortable Tire for Toyota bZ4X

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

goodyear assurance comfortdrive review

Replacing the old ComforTred Touring, the new Assurance ComfortDrive retains all the soft-riding characteristics of its predecessor but adds in a more engaging drive.

The real magic of this tire is in its ComfortFlex technology, which is built into the sidewalls. Rather than an extra absorbing layer in the base of the tread, like other brands use, these Goodyears feature sidewalls that can better absorb bumps. Perhaps most impressively, under normal driving conditions the sidewalls remain quite riding and driving dynamics don’t suffer at all.

This tire also makes big strides in both dry and wet handling thanks to “Evolving Traction Grooves” in the inner tread blocks and the brand’s TreadLock Technology. These tread blocks lock together under hard cornering to offer a more stable tread block, while the grooves in the tire allow for water evacuation. As the tread wears down over time, so do these features, opening up more space for water evacuation so the tire maintains a high level of grip in wet conditions.

The only drawback of this tire is the tread life of 60,000 miles, which could be a bit longer.


Longest Lasting Tire for Toyota bZ4X

Yokohama Avid Ascend LX

If your top priority is stretching the time between now and the next time you buy tires then the Yokohama Avid Ascend LX is your best choice with a tread life warrant of 85,000 miles.

Priced in the mid-pack for the bZ4X, performance suffers somewhat as a result of the long tread life, but not significantly.

Of note, these eco-focused tires feature Yokohama’s BluEarth branding, indicating not just that they are designed to maximize efficiency, but that they are also manufactured using the brand’s latest environmentally conscious processes.


Cheapest Tire for Toyota bZ4X

Laufenn S Fit AS

This tire will save you plenty and at the same time significantly enhance the driving dynamics of the bZ4X.

A high performance summer tire it features tread sections that wrap around the tire almost entirely uninterrupted, offering immediate responsiveness in cornering as well as impressive acceleration and stopping. The exterior tread blocks are reinforced with a circumferential tread section, while the row of tread immediately inside from there is extra-wide. These two sections together make for an extra large contact patch under cornering.

Combine that with a softer and stickier tread compound and you get impressive driving dynamics for a budget tire. You do also get a much shorter tread life warranty and expect these tires to need replacing every 45,000 miles.

Then again, they do cost roughly 40% less than the other tires on this list.


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