BFG KO2 Lifespan: A Great Off-Road Tire, But Does it Last?

It might just be the best serious off-road all-terrain tire money can buy. But if you really use the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, does it last?

BFG KO2 Lifespan

Obviously the more off-road use you put any tire through, the shorter its overall lifespan will be. So settling on a specific answer for your size, vehicle and driving habits isn’t something we can pull out of a magic 8 ball (remember those?).

First, we should point out that all BFGoodrich tires come with a Standard Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. That covers defects in materials and manufacturing processes for the life of the usable tread, or for 6 years from the date of purchase…  whichever comes first.

Second, unlike a lot of on-road tires, All Terrain tires don’t often come with mileage guarantees. And for good reason. The KO2, however, is a notable exception.

UPDATE: BFGoodrich T/A KO2 50,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty

As of 2020, BFGoodrich has updated the warranty associated with the T/A KO2 and now offers a 50,000 mile tread life warranty. Now there’s no more guessing or relying on what some random guy with a Jeep said 8 years ago.

Now, we’ll admit that 50,000 miles might not sound like a lot compared to many passenger car tires that guarantee 65,000 miles or more, but remember that the KO2s will deliver some of the very best off-road traction and durability.

One of the highlights of this tire is it’s 20% thicker sidewalls, that go a long way towards protecting from slashes our on the trail.

In fact, BFG is so confident in their tires that they back them with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your KO2s, just head back to where you bought them, receipt in hand, and they’ll replace them with a set of different tires of equal or lesser value free of charge.

BFG KO2 Lifespan: How Do They Do it?

How do they do that? For starters, the KO2 features an Interlocking Tread Design, which gives the tread blocks more stability, allowing them to wear more evenly over time. There are also built-in Stone Ejectors, which help remove stones from the tread, which could otherwise damage the tread or cause uneven wear. Then there’s the basic shape of the tire’s footprint on the ground, which is designed to more evenly distribute the load and result in more even wear.

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As a result, the KO2 takes what was already one of the world’s best off-road tires and not only improves its capability, but makes sure it’ll last longer for more enjoyment off-road.

24 thoughts on “BFG KO2 Lifespan: A Great Off-Road Tire, But Does it Last?”

  1. I guess it depends on how you drive, i have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have the BFG all terrain KO2. 245/70/17 and i got 65,000 miles out of them! Love these tires, the look, the ride, performance, all the above. Awesome tires!

  2. It solely depends on how & what you use the on. In my case-104K on Ford superduty,very little off road. However, on my Rubicon, wore out @ 16K. All off road @ 14psi. These have been used & abused to no end-period. But, the traction is Awsome. I already have an other set ready to go. Best darn off road tire for Jeeping -I have used many brands. They are OEM on Rubis-case closed.

  3. I have 58k on mine and 95% of my driving is on paved roads. I rotate every 5k and I am not an aggressive driver – perhaps that’s why I have been able to get the miles I have. Hoping to get another 7k miles out of them.

  4. I bought a 16 tocoma new and put the KO2’S on it at 30 miles on the truck. No off road at all..just love the tires. Took them off 4 days ago with 63,851 miles on them.
    Could have got more miles but going on a 1500 mile out of state trip. Went back with the same tire but one size larger..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BFG..

  5. On my 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, which does significant firest road travel, still life after 66k miles. I put on new ones for deeper snow and have others as backups.

  6. Put a set on 2015 f150. Highway miles, just replaced at 93,000 miles. Best tire on the market as far as I am concerned. 10 ply works great for heavy loads. I am a contractor, never shy about putting a full lift of shingles in my truck with these tires. Run my tires at 50 psi, rotate every 5,0000 miles

  7. 2001 Ford Excursion, V10, 4×4. 285/75-16 10 ply rating. Installed at 180,000 miles. One alignment, 3 rotations, odometer is at 236000 right now. Still have 5/32 tread left. Lots of construction sites, lots of extremely heavy loads pulled on trailers. Best tire I’ve ever ran. Traction is incredible, load carrying is unbelievable. Definitely will be installing another set in the future.

  8. Just replaced mine after 85,000km with some rough off road in the Aussie desert. Love these tyres. A bit of tread left but looking a bit chipped. Replaced with the same tyres. Kept a carcass as a spare spare.

  9. Bought my K02’s at 55k and just turned 145k. For a total of 90,000miles!! Most of my miles are highway but my 4Runner has had plenty of off-road time. These tires are the best in the business. I still have 7/32 left on them. I must admit that they have been rotated about every 7500 miles. Backs to the front, and fronts crossed to the rear.

  10. 110K miles on my set!

    I drive a lot – about 70K miles a year in a Toyota 4Runner. Zero towing, and mostly highway miles. I get the tires rotated every 5000 miles or so (4Runner reminds me for checkups). I’ve had a couple of sets of these now (upgraded per suggestion from a friend who also has a 4Runner). Just amazed at how long this set has lasted. One of the tires now has a very slow leak (top it up with air every couple of thousand miles, or couple of weeks), so I might just get a new set now – I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of these!

  11. Purchased a set of Bf goodrich ko2 285 70 17 e tires for 2016 ram power wagon and rotated for the first time at 6500 miles and find there is only 9/32 tread left on them. Driving on street 99% of the time with tires inflated within 2 lbs to the vehicle spec sticker.

  12. I have the Ko2 ‘s on my Tundra and as it sits with 65000 miles on them in the Texas heat and driven around on a 1800 acre ranch in west Texas on horrible dirt roads and washouts and they are awesome ive never put air in then since they were installed rotated every 3k

  13. Lifespan isn’t that great.. losing 3/32 of thread every 12000 miles

    That means after 2 years it is down to 8-9/32 from the initial 15/32.. at 8-9/32. It is unusable in winter. Too dangerous especially on ice.

    If you have a small ko2.. thats not an issue.. but if you have a 34+ inch tire.. it become very expensive for just 2-3 years.

    Im switching to falken which has 18/32.. ill be able to compare later this year

  14. Mine on on a Chevy 2500HD Z71. Towed a trailer a total of 600 miles. Tires are 1/2 gone at 1800 miles, probably gone at 5,000 miles REALLY BAD BFG. DT’s were supposed to be better on wear. NOT.

    1. That is very common on a GMC product like you described- same experience. It’s not the tire, it’s the darn pick up, totally eats tires when towing. The same tire will go 80K plus on a Ford. I know, I run both with the same tires.

  15. Chevy 2002 Silverado four-wheel drive Z71 . highway miles the truck has two hundred four thousand miles on it. purchase a truck brand new the truck came stock with Firestone tires which at the time I did not like me as her to recall on those tires I ran them for 15000 + miles and then went to the BFGoodrich all terrain tires! I got 95000 plus miles out of one set of BFGoodrich tires with tread left over replace due to cracking on the side walls into my second set and they look decent but it’s time to change

  16. I bought a 2018 Toyota Tundra 4×4 new with KO2
    I I have had 1 alignment and balance every 12k. I currently have 107255 miles on the original set of tires. I will purchase the same tires for the next set. Awesome tires! Thank you BF Goodrich!

  17. I have a 2011 Dodge 2500 with BF Goodrich K02’s and they wore out with only 11,000 miles. I was very disappointed with these tires. Especially when I was informed from the place I purchased them that there was no warranty.

  18. I love the tires when new and under about 30k miles. Their handling doesn’t change but they start to get noisy… I mean difficult to talk at highway speeds and “do I have a hub going out?” noisy. I have however noticed zerp change in performance. I am on my second set with 60k on first set, but may be looking a different direction to avoid the noise above that 30 mwtl..

  19. I just got 121,738 miles out of my KO2’s! Safe to say I bought these tires again! I rotate my tires every other oil change which helps with the wear and tear. I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma and these tires make the truck!

    Love these tires!

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