BFG KO2 Lifespan: A Great Off-Road Tire, But Does it Last?

bfg ko2 lifespan

It might just be the best serious off-road all-terrain tire money can buy. But if you really use it, does it last?

BFG KO2 Lifespan

Obviously the more off-road use you put any tire through, the shorter its overall lifespan will be. So settling on a specific answer for your size, vehicle and driving habits isn’t something we can pull out of a magic 8 ball (remember those?).

First, we should point out that all BFGoodrich tires come with a Standard Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. That covers defects in materials and manufacturing processes for the life of the usable tread, or for 6 years from the date of purchase…  whichever comes first.

Second, unlike a lot of on-road tires, All Terrain tires don’t often come with mileage guarantees. And for good reason. The KO2 is no exception.

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All that said, the longer you drive them on-road, the longer they’ll last. The more you abuse them, the sooner you’ll be replacing them. Based on observed wear, 50,000 miles should be possible, but highly unlikely. For occasional off-road use look for closer to 40,000 miles or less if you really plan to abuse them.

Those numbers might not sound like a lot compared to many passenger car tires that guarantee 65,000 miles or more, but remember that the KO2s will deliver some of the very best off-road traction and durability.

BFG KO2 Lifespan: How Do They Do it?

How do they do that? For starters, the KO2 features an Interlocking Tread Design, which gives the tread blocks more stability, allowing them to wear more evenly over time. There are also built-in Stone Ejectors, which help remove stones from the tread, which could otherwise damage the tread or cause uneven wear. Then there’s the basic shape of the tire’s footprint on the ground, which is designed to more evenly distribute the load and result in more even wear.

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As a result, the KO2 takes what was already one of the world’s best off-road tires and not only improves it’s capability, but makes sure it’ll last longer for more enjoyment off-road.


2 thoughts on “BFG KO2 Lifespan: A Great Off-Road Tire, But Does it Last?”

  1. I guess it depends on how you drive, i have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have the BFG all terrain KO2. 245/70/17 and i got 65,000 miles out of them! Love these tires, the look, the ride, performance, all the above. Awesome tires!

  2. It solely depends on how & what you use the on. In my case-104K on Ford superduty,very little off road. However, on my Rubicon, wore out @ 16K. All off road @ 14psi. These have been used & abused to no end-period. But, the traction is Awsome. I already have an other set ready to go. Best darn off road tire for Jeeping -I have used many brands. They are OEM on Rubis-case closed.

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