CrossWind MT Review

TheĀ CrossWind MT is a budget-focused tire for those who want some impressive off-road grip and don’t mind some of the drawbacks.


  • Solid grip in mud and loose-earth
  • Some extreme size offerings


  • Compound wears fast on-road
  • Pretty loud
  • No 3-ply sidewall

For the extremely attractive price point, it’s hard to find too much fault with this tire. At the same time, it’s important not to have expectations that are too high either.

Delivering a basic package of features that’s sure to deliver solid off-road grip, the four rows of tread lugs are designed in a direction pattern to help give impressive forward motion in mud. The void space is significant to help dig in and toss away the mud or dirt, though it’s not as extreme as some other tires in this segment.

The exterior tread blocks make use of small ridges between the treads that serve as stone evacuators. Helping free-up rocks that get caught in the tread, they also work to flex and force out mud that gets packed in.

CrossWind also builds this tire using a more durable rubber compound that is designed to take a beating and resist chips or chunking. Don’t expect a lot in terms of tire life though. Almost no brands offer mileage warranties on mud-terrain tires. So if you can’t get a guarantee on a set of MT tires that cost more than twice as much as these, don’t expect to get a lot of miles here.

These tires are street legal, but not meant for regular use or long highway trips. At this price point they’re a great option to swap on for when you want to get extremely off-road and have some serious fun. In fact, we love that they’re so affordable, they make this possible for those on budget.

One important drawback to these tires is that they don’t come with a 3-ply sidewall, which is common of more premium mud-terrain tires. As a result, they are more prone to cuts or slashes.

What we do like, however, is that the brand now offers some extra large sizes for the aftermarket, with plenty of options when it comes to 20-, 22- and 24-inch tires.

CrossWind MT Price

Pricing for CrossWind MT tires is extremely affordable starting at just around $130 per tire for a smaller 16-inch size. The most expensive versions retail for not much more than $200, which is incredibly affordable for a massive 24-inch size.

CrossWind MT Warranty

Like almost all mud-terrain tire, the CrossWind MT does not come with a specific mileage warranty.

CrossWind MT Sizes

Below is a list of all CrossWind MT sizes offered according to CrossWind’s corporate website. However, the brand has increased its offering and more sizes can be found at select retailers.

15-inch sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes