Crosswind Tire Reviews

CrossWind Tires is a sub-brand made by LingLong tires along with Atlas and Leao Tires. In North America CrossWind tires are distributed by TBC Brands which also distributes 14 other brands including Sumitomo, Multi-Mile, Eldorado, Cordovan, Delta, Vanderbilt, Sailun, Harvest King and Power King.

With a limited offering, CrossWind does cover the basics with 9 different tire offerings for passenger cars, light trucks and trailers. Of note for SUV and pick up truck drivers are the following:

CrossWind AT – A rugged all-terrain tire designed to deliver capable off-road performance with daily drivability.

CrossWind 4×4 HP – An all-season performance tire designed to deliver nimble handling and grip all year round, specifically for modern crossovers and SUVs.

Crosswind HT – A highway terrain tire offering some light off-road capability with a more refined on-road ride quality and lower noise levels than all-terrain tires.

CrossWind MT – A more extreme off-road tire that’s as simple as it is effective.

CrossWind L780 – A quiet-riding all-season tire built specifically for use on light trucks.

CrossWind Tire Reviews

CrossWind MT Review

CrossWind 4×4 HP Review

Who Makes CrossWind Tires

CrossWind tires are distributed in North America by TBC Brands. The company is owned by Chinese tire brand LingLong Tire Co., which is one of the three largest tire companies in China and which is an original equipment tire manufacturer for brands like General Motors and Volkswagen.

CrossWind Tires Warranty

Below is a list of each CrossWind tire available with a milage warranty as well as what that specific warranty is.

CrossWind Eco Touring 55,000mi./89,000km.
CrossWind HP010 45,000mi./72,000km.
CrossWind All Season 40,000mi./64,000km.
CrossWind 4X4 HP 40,000mi./64,000km.
CrossWind H/T* 50,000mi./80,000km.
CrossWind A/T* 50,000mi./80,000km.