Dunlop Tire Reviews

One of the world’s better-known tire brands, Dunlop has had a challenging history over the past few decades and has slipped in prestige.

Dunlop was purchased by Sumitomo Tires in 1963 which then formed a join venture with Goodyear in 1997. That relationship ended poorly in 2014 with both parties going their separate ways. Dunlop very much got caught in the middle, however, and their ability to operate in different markets was impacted. As a result, Dunlop tires are manufactured and distributed by Goodyear in North America, though in markets like Japan, Dunlops are made by Sumitomo. But it gets more complicated than that.

These rules only apply to replacement tires. For tires fitted on vehicles from the factory, Dunlops are made by Goodyear for most automakers, but if the automaker is from Japan, then the Dunlops are made by Sumitomo. To give a real world example, this means the GrandTrek AT20 found on the Toyota Tacoma are actually Sumitomos and not Goodyears.

When it comes to Dunlop’s offerings for pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers the majority of those fitments can be found under the Grandtrek sub-brand.

GrandTrek PT2A – A performance all-season tire specifically made for trucks and SUVs

GrandTrek PT3A – Dunlop’s next-generation all-season performance tire for trucks and SUVs.

GrandTrek PT20 – An all-season touring tire aimed more for highway ride quality and low noise levels specifically for utility vehicles.

GrandTrek PT21 – The latest next-generation all-season touring tire aimed more for highway ride quality and low noise levels specificially for utility vehicles.

GrandTrek Touring AS – Similar to the two options above, this tire takes extra steps to offer more grip in the wet and inclement weather. It’s also available as a run-flat.

GrandTrek AT20 – A long lasting all-season tire designed with light off-road capability.

GrandTrek AT21 – A variation of the option above with different sizes for different vehicles.

GrandTrek AT23 – Another all-season-meets-all-terrain option but wth better winter capability and designed more for a luxurious ride.

GrandTrek ST30 – An all-season tire developed for compact crossovers with high marks for ride quality, quietness and performance.

Dunlop Tire Reviews

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