Thunderer Tire Reviews

Thunderer Tires is a Houston, Texas based tire manufacturer that sells tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks and SUVs as well as commercial vehicles.

Thunderer Tires manufactures its tires at a plan in Thailand.

With a particular focus on the light truck, SUV and crossover segment, those tires mostly fall under the Ranger sub-brand, while passenger car tires are under the Mach sub-brand.

Under the Ranger brand, there is the Ranger SUV designed for on-road use for modern crossovers and SUVs. The Ranger AT is a true multi-purpose all-terrain tire. And the Ranger ATR is a more extreme all-terrain tire with a higher focus on off-road performance at the expense on on-road civility and tread life. The Trac Grip MT is the brand’s mud-terrain offering.

Thunderer Tire Reviews

Thunderer Trac Grip MT Review

Thunderer Tire Warranty

Below is a list of each tire covered with a specific milage guarantee as well as what what warranty period is.

In addition Thunderer offers a Free Replacement Limited Protection Policy on most of its tires for the first 60 months of ownership. While most brands offer a similar warranty on their tires for defects in materials and workmanship over the first year of tire life (or less), this warranty applies fully to the first five years of ownership. There’s no prorated replacement plan, rather, defective tires will be replace free of charge for the first 60 months.

This applies to all tires purchased after January 1, 2020 with proof of purchase from the original owner and equipped on the original vehicle.

Mach V 45,000/75,000 (miles/km)
Mach IV 60,000/100,000 (miles/km)
Mach III 40,000/65,000 (miles/km)
Mach II 60,000/100,000 (miles/km)
Mach I 60,000/100,000 (miles/km)
Ranger SUV 60,000/100,000 (miles/km)
Ranger A/T 55,000/85,000 (miles/km)
Ranger A/TR 45,000/75,000 (miles/km)
Trac Grip M/T N/A
Commercial LT N/A
Ranger R402 N/A
R101/102/200/202/403 N/A
ST Radial N/A