Travelstar Ecopath MT Review

A budget mud terrain tire that gets the job done without a lot of frills, the Travelstar Ecopath MT lets you get dirty without spending a fortune.


  • Serious off-road performance, from rocks to mud
  • Stone ejectors
  • Rugged 3-ply sidewall


  • Plenty loud (even for an MT tire)
  • On road wet grip isn’t great

Off-road grip comes thanks to four rows of knobby studs, with a more densely packed interior section and long shoulder tread lugs. There’s plenty of void space to churn through loose earth or mud. Plus, between those exterior tread lugs there are large ribs that act as stone ejectors. These not only force out rocks from the tread (which can otherwise limit traction off-road and damage the tread on-road), they also work to naturally free-up mud and dirt, so there’s plenty of grip the next turn-around.

A unique feature of these tires are the stepped interior tread blocks These little stairs running down to the base of the tread deliver multiple advantages. For starters, they give added friction points when rock-crawling. Plus, they enable a wider void space at the top of the tread for more grip, while combining optimal tread rigidity at the base of the tread for long life.

As for durability, Travelstar has build this tire with a 3-ply sidewall, which is expected in this segment. It helps prevent sidewall punctures – as does the reinforced rubber on the side of the tire. A 3-ply sidewall also means you can safely air-down these tires, and back up again (repeatedly) without impacting overall tire structure or tire life.

On-road performance is passable. Mud-terrain tires aren’t designed for on-road use, though they are street legal. We find budget-focused offerings like these tend to deliver lower levels of wet grip, more flex in cornering and a louder overall ride quality – yes, louder than your average MT tire.

There are some sacrifices here, but you also save handily on a set of these tires. That’s not to say they are “cheap.” We’re not sure any mud-terrain tires are cheap. You can, however, save quite a bit versus the top competitors in the space. These won’t live up to the capability of tier-one rivals, but they’ll let you have loads of fun and are solidly durable.

Travelstar Ecopath MT Price

With a wide-selection of sizes and some super-sizes 24-inch options available pricing for the Travelstar Ecopath MT ranges broadly, starting at just over $200 for a 17-inch size and going all the way up to roughly $400 for a 24-inch version.

Travelstar Ecopath MT Warranty

As is common with mud-terrain tires, the Ecopath MT does not come with a tread life warranty.

Travelstar Ecopath MT Sizes

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