Travelstar Tire Reviews

Travelstar is one of a selection of tire brands offered under the umbrella of Unicorn Tire Corporation.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Memphis, TN, Unicorn is really more of a tire distributor than a manufacturer. This means the company works with suppliers overseas to import and brand cars for the US market, as well as for Europe and Japan.

In addition to Travelstar, Unicorn also operates the Finalist, Mastertrack, HiFly, Sunfull ad Ovation Tires brands.

In total, there are eight different models offered under the Travelstar brand focusing on passenger vehicles, light trucks and trailers.

For trucks and SUVs three different products are available, rather standard offering, all under the EcoPath sub-brand. The EcoPath AT is the most versatile, designed for on and off-road performance. The EcoPath MT takes a more extreme off-road approach. This mud-terrain tire offers next-level grip in deep mud and is designed for more adventurous off-roaders. Finally, there’s the EcoPath HT, which is focused on delivering a more quite and comfortable highway ride, though still retaining some off-road grip.

Travelstar Tire Reviews

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Where are Travelstar tires made?

Travelstar manufactures its tires at plants in China.