Travelstar UN66 Review

A high performance all-season tire for trucks and SUVs that delivers solid driving dynamics, great wet-weather traction and a fantastic price.


  • Decent driving dynamics
  • Great wet performance
  • Extremely attractive pricing


  • Limited sizes
  • Short tread life
  • Hardly the most engaging performance tire

The Travelstar UN66 meets the needs of most drivers, including when it comes to affordability. In a world of skyrocketing prices, bargain brands like this one are increasingly getting a second look. Now there’s a lot of reasons to pick up a set of UN66 tires, but there are also some drawbacks, so let’s take a closer look.

For starters the UN66 makes use of a silica-infused tread compound, enabling impressive wet traction without sacrificing too much in terms of dry grip or tread life. It also helps reduce rolling resistance, so you can maximize on fuel.

Wide circumferential grooves easily evacuate water to prevent hydroplaning, while added edges from the tread block divisions, as well as siping, help give extra biting edges. The inner most tread blocks also offer clear lateral water evacuation channels to help push water away from the contact patch as much as possible. As a result, wet grip (something that can sometimes be lacking on a budget all season tire) is quite good.

As mentioned, there are some tread block sipes, which are also designed for winter performance. Still, the tread will generally freeze up in lower temperatures and loses any of that effectiveness. Like with pretty much all all-season tires, we recommend a proper set of winters if you live somewhere where you think you might need them.

Dry traction is decent, though somewhat lacking for a tire that’s designed with performance in mind. While overall grip and driving dynamics will be a bit disappointing for those in search of handling, it’s completely sufficient for everyday use, and for most drivers. (We appreciate that there have to be some trade-offs to make such an affordable performance all-season tire).

As for ride quality, theres a bit more noise from the tread than on premium brands. Comfort levels are quite good though.

The only other drawback is tread life. With a 50,000 mile warranty it’s not brutal as far as performance tires go, but it’s definitely on the shorter side. It’s obvious this is where engineers had to make the biggest cuts to achieve such a value proposition.

Travelstar UN66 Price

Pricing for the Travelstar UN66 ranges from just over $100 per tire for a smaller 16-inch fitment and goes up to around $170 per tire for a huge 22-inch size.

Travelstar UN66 Warranty

Travelstar backs the UN66 performance SUV tire with a 50,000 mile tread life warranty.

Travelstar UN66 Sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

19-inch sizes

20-inch sizes

22-inch sizes

What Vehicles does the Travelstar UN66 fit on?

Below is a list of some of the different vehicles that can be equipped with the Travelstar UN66. It is by no means an extensive list.

Acura MDX
Cadillac SRX
Chrysler Grand Caravan
Chrysler Pacifica
Dodge Nitro
Ford Bronco Sport
Ford Edge
Honda CR-V
Honda Odyssey
Honda Pilot
Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Tucson
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Liberty
Kia Carnival
Kia Sedona
Kia SorentoK
Mercedes-Benz ML
Nissan Rogue
Porsche Cayenne
Toyota RAV4
Toyota Sienna
Volvo XC60
Volvo XC90