Travelstar Ecopath HT Review

An all-season truck and SUV tire that can handle some occasional off-road use, the Travelstar Ecopath HT delivers the basics but comes up short in one key area.


  • Can handle some light off-roading
  • Decent grip in the dry and wet
  • Comfortable ride


  • Short 50,000 mile tread life warranty
  • More road noise than premium offerings
  • Driving dynamics aren’t great

We can get that key area out of the way up front. A 50,000 mile tread life warranty is very short for a highway terrain tire. Most tires in this segment come with a 70,000 mile warranty, ensuring they’ll last roughly a year and a half longer than these.

The Ecopath HT does cost significantly less than those tires (as much as 30-40%) but you’ll be buying tires again soon.

As for the other features of the tires, it’s built for solid all-season traction, with plenty of lateral slits on the tread for added wet grip, as well as zig-zag siping for some winter traction. Regardless, winter grip is going to be quite limited – even the best brands struggle in this area.

Handling is passable, with no real highlights or drawbacks. The shoulder blocks are reinforced on the inside edge to help with cornering stability, although the blocks are also quite short, so it’s essentially a wash. This isn’t a huge concern, as tires like these are designed more for ride quality and mileage than handling.

They are quite comfortable and do a decent job of soaking up bumps. The busy tread pattern does emit a bit more noise than most tires.

As for off-road capability, there’s more grip here than a conventional all-season though not by much. When combined with all-wheel drive, light off-roading certainly won’t be an issue.

We should point out that while there isn’t a huge selection of sizes for this tire, roughly half come with a 10-ply / Load Range E rating, making this a true option for HD trucks.

Overall, this budget tire has some attractive attributes, but it’s best feature is its price point. We’d recommend the Firestone Transforce HT2 or Kumho Crugen HT51 as superior budget-focused HT tires – though they still cost more than this value-focused option.

Travelstar Ecopath HT Price

Pricing for the Travelstar Ecopath HT ranges from roughly $110 per tire up to $170 per tire.

Travelstar Ecopath HT Warranty

Travelstar backs the Ecopath HT with a 50,000 mile tread life warranty.

Travelstar Ecopath HT Sizes

15-inch sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes