Vredestein Tire Reviews

It’s not a household name, but Vredestein tires has been around for a very long time making some excellent options for everything from sports car to luxury SUVs.

A Dutch brand dating back to 1909, it started with manufacturing bicycle tires and then moved into the passenger tire business just after World War II with backing from BF Goodrich. BFG eventually acquired full control of the brand and then also divested its shares in the 1990s. More recently the company was purchased in 2009 by Apollo Tires of India.

Vredestein tires have long been for sale in North America but weren’t very easy to find. Apollo is aiming to change that with a brand re-launch in the US in 2020 with an aggressive marketing push, as well as deals that make the tires more readily available from popular online retailers.

In the US, the tire brand consists of six main options:

Pinza – A brand new tire for Vredestein, this is the brand’s first ever dedicated light truck tire line with the first product being the Pinza AT.

Quatrac – This is the brand’s most popular sub-brand with tires like the Quatrac 5 four-season tire and the Quatrac Pro, an ultra high performance all-season tire that’s built to offer extreme levels of summer performance, but also the capability of a winter tire.

Hypertrac – A more focused ultra high-performance all-season tire.

Wintrac Pro – As the name suggest, this is a dedicated winter tire.

Ultrac Vorti – An ultra high performance summer tire for sports cars.

Where are Vredestein Tires Made?

The majority of Vredestein tires are manufactured at the brand’s plant in Enschede in the Netherlands.

Are Vredestein Tires Any Good?

Vredestien positions itself as a Tier 1 brand and in many respects it is, staying focused on specific market segments and competing well with top tier tire brands like Continental, Pirelli and Michelin. It has long stood out from the crowd by offering products like the Quatrac line. This idea of a four-season tire, with summer performance and true winter grip has been championed by Vredestein over the decades and has now resurfaced with brands like Michelin and Goodyear now pushing offerings like the CrossClimate 2 and Assurance WeatherReady.

The brand works to solidify its premium status by putting a great deal of focus on the design of its tires, from tread designs to sidewalls. Many of its tires are designed in partnership with the Giugiaro design house. That name might only mean something to the most avid of automotive aficionados where it is quite famous. Giugiaro designed iconic cars like the Lotus Esprit, BMW M1 and DeLorean (from Back to the Future) as well as the Lexus GS and the original Volkswagen Golf.


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