Best BMW iX Tires

The BMW iX is so new and so niche that there aren’t a lot of different tire options available. Somewhat surprisingly the selection gets better as you get to the largest 22-inch sizes – although almost all of those focus on the ultra high performance segment.

As a result of the limited selection our recommendations below include a lot of the options that BMW provides from the factory. With a half-dozen such tires available, however, you may find that there are options different from what came on your specific iX that are more in tune with what your driving style, climate, and even budget, really are.

For a full list of the factory tire options, see the section at the bottom of this page. Until then, see our list of the best BMW iX tires below.

BMW iX Tire Sizes

Below is a list of different tire sizes equipped on the different iX trim levels.


  • 235/60/20
  • 255/50/21
  • 275/40/22


  • 255/50/21
  • 275/40/22

Best All-Season Tire for BMW iX

Michelin Primacy Tour AS

Best suited to most drivers the Michelin Primacy Tour AS delivers capability, performance and solid tread life in a reasonably affordable package.

For a unique model like the iX with tires starting at 20-inches, no tire is going to be terribly budget-focused, but the Primacy Tour AS manages to be one of the most affordable while offering a well-rounded package.

As a Touring tire the focus is more on comfort than performance and yet this Michelin offers responsive steering and enough outright grip to please most BMW owners – a generally demanding bunch. The shoulder blocks are extra wide and long for maximum cornering grip, while the row of tread just inboard from the shoulder is a nearly continuous piece, with only small slits in it, helping deliver more stability and grip, especially under braking.

As for ride quality, it’s exceptional. It’s both quiet and extremely comfortable even in lower profile fitments.

The tread life warranty of 55,000 miles isn’t terribly long for this type of tire but for this specific fitment it is quite good.

Overall you’ll get an exceptional combination of comfort and performance that matches what a BMW SUV should have, paired with excellent tread life for a surprisingly decent price.

Best Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

If you’re in search of high performance in your tires but still want something that will work all year round (in some climates anyway), then the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is our top pick.

The performance of this tire is shockingly good for an all-season and Michelin claims it’s the worlds first “supercar certified” all season, capable of meeting the demands of the world’s most powerful exotic cars.

And truthfully, when your electric iX makes as much as 610-hp and 811 lb-ft of torque, we’re really talking about exotic sports car performance here.

As for all season performance, this tire makes use of Michelin’s Helio+ tread compound that uses increased silica to offer superior wet grip but also improved resistance to cold temperatures. Overall the brand claims that compared to the old Pilot Sport AS 3+ this tire delivers 5% better wet braking, 4% better dry braking and a 10% improvement in snow. Better yet, Michelin has designed the tire to maintain a higher level of grip throughout the entire life of the tire, not just when its brand new.

We’d still rate snow performance as not great and recommend a proper set of winter tires.

A final highlight of this tire is tread life. It comes with a 45,000 mile tread life warranty which is surprisingly good for a tire of this performance level. (Michelin’s testing says it also significantly out-performed is rivals in real world tread life tests).

Best Street Truck Tire for BMW iX

Bridgestone Alenza 001

If you’re looking for high performance rubber strictly for summer months, then the Alenza 001 could be for you.

The tire design looks s simple and yet it delivers so much grip, with an impressively large contact patch, uninterrupted large tread sections for stability and the use of an extremely grippy compound.

Wet traction is also good, although grip falls off quite quickly when the temperature drops.

A surprising feature of this tires is that they are actually quite comfortable, soaking up a lot of road imperfections and bumps better than is expected in this class – that probably paid a large factor in BMW deciding to equip these from the factory.

Pricing is about mid-pack and not bad for a summer performance tire. You’ll be replacing them more often, however. Bridgestone doesn’t put a tread life warranty on these tires but expect to see about 35,000 miles on a set.

Best Budget Tire for BMW iX

Toyo Proxes ST III

Calling these a budget tire is rather disingenuous. They’ll cost at least $300 a piece. And Toyo is a top brand.

Still, comparing them to the rest of the lineup of what’s available, the Proxes ST III are surprisingly affordable. Unfortunately they don’t come in all the necessary sizes so they might not fit you specific iX.

This tire fits into an interesting niche of offering exceptional performance but also being a true all season.

Designed for large trucks and SUVs the tread patter delivers plenty of contact patch to evenly distribute weight and provide stable grip. Extra large shoulder tread block sections also help maintain grip in the corners even on a heavy beast like the iX.

The v-shaped directional tread pattern works to deliver than even, planted feeling while also working to easily evacuate water. An upgrade over the ST II, the new ST III stops up to six feet shorter in the wet.

Tread life is shorter at 40,000 miles but for the price and performance it’s still a true bargain.

Best Max Performance Summer Tire

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

OK, so you just want to maximize the performance of your iX? Then we have the only choice for you.

Sure there are other high performance tires or max performance tires or all-season performance tires. But there is only one Michelin Pilot Sport.

Just look it! Everything about this tire screams performance. It’s almost a racing slick with a few grooves down the center to evacuate standing water.

The result of Michelin’s historic victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the brand has poured everything its learned from racing into this street legal tire. The exterior two tread blocks and the interior three tread blocks are unique in both design and actual rubber compound. In particular the exterior blocks feature significantly more tread with less “void” to optimize grip. Meanwhile the inner tire sections both make use of more void space and larger channels to evacuate water, while also using a high silica infused compound for superior wet grip.

Overall, grip is just incredible and steering feel is the pinnacle of what a tire can be.

Ride comfort is surprisingly good and noise levels are ultra low. Plus there are all sorts of small added bonuses like the velvet sidewalls with a checkered flag logo to give a truly stunning look to any car.

Some OEM fitments also come with Michelin’s Connected Tire System and Michelin Acoustic Technology, both of which work to not only reduce road noise with sound-absorbing foam, but actually communicate with the vehicle’s onboard system to monitor tire noise internally.

Some versions of this ire are also available as a run flat.

What tires come on the BMW iX?

BMW offers up to five different tire types on the iX depending on what model/trim you select as well as the size.

20-inch wheels

  • Bridgestone Alenza Spoet AS
  • Goodyear Eagle Touring

21-inch wheels

  • Michelin Primacy Tour AS
  • Bridgestone Alenza 001
  • Goodyear Eagle Touring
  • Pirelli P Zero PZ4

22-inch wheels

  • Bridgestone Alenza 001

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