Best Winter Tires for Tesla Model Y

Electric cars may have some disadvantages in winter, but grip doesn’t have to be one of them.

If you’re hunting for the best winter tires for your Tesla Model Y we’ve included a list of our top picks below. “Best” is often a relative term and it can depend very much on your specific winter climate. With that in mind we have options for areas with more or less snow, as well as some picks based on the type of driving you do. And we even have a solid offering for those on a tighter budget.

Best Winter Tire for Tesla Model Y

Michelin X-Ice Snow

Generally one of our top picks for winer tires, here we rank the Michelin X-Ice Snow best overall for a number of reasons.

As has always been the case with the X-Ice tire, grip on actual ice is first rate, thanks in part to a tread compound that uses microscopic imperfections to create more grip with ice and cold roads.

Improvements have been made over the years when it comes to this tire’s grip on actual snow, hence the addition of the term “snow” in its name. Changes to the design and compound, as well as plentiful siping on the tread blocks means it offers excellent grip in deeper snow. Plus, the wide tread design gives it excellent stability, so it tracks nice and straight and doesn’t get pulled around excessively by ruts or piles of snow on the road surface.

It’s important to remember that winter tires aren’t just for snow and perhaps their biggest advantage for most drivers (most of the time) is that they offer superior grip below 45 degrees. That means even on clear roads you can gain significant traction with better handling and braking capability with a winter tire. Making the X-Ice Snow stand out even more in this regard are unique sipes on the tread blocks.

There are two types of sipes that are visible. The first are the zig zag ones that are more common on winter tires. But the unique innovation from Michelin here are the zipper-style sipes with small blocks in between the channels. These allow for wide spaces to collect snow for grip when you’re driving on snow covered surfaces, but also work to stabilize the overall contact patch on clear roads. As a result, this tire offers a more stable feeling than most winter tires and allows you to maintain more of the car’s natural handling dynamics, even in the winter.

For all those reasons, we give the Michelin X-Ice Snow our top pick.

Best Winter Tire for Tesla Model Y(alternative)

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001

Bridgestone’s performance winter tire option is a solid choice all around. We often rate the brand’s DM-V2 winter option as a top pick but Bridgestone doesn’t seem to have a fitment for the Model Y.

These tires offer better handling performance than conventional winters and still offer serious grip on snow covered roads.

As far as performance winter tires go specifically we prefer the Michelins below, while when it comes to standard winter tires, the Michelin’s above are best. (It’s a Michelin sandwich).

Best Performance Winter Tire for Tesla Model Y

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 SUV Review

If you’re looking to maintain as much performance in your vehicle while still offering the safety of a winter tire, then the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 is an excellent choice.

We’d recommend this tire to Model Y owners looking to maximize performance even though the winter.

Performance winter tires offer superior handling both on wintry roads and clear roads too. They also generally have a higher speed rating and are idea for those who live in milder climates that still see occasional winter weather.

The directional tread pattern puts a lot of rubber in contact with the road to help maximize grip, with plenty of siping along the tread blocks. This lets the snow stick to the tire, using it as a friction surface against itself.

An ultra-wide continuous flow of tread blocks also means the tire is incredibly stable, both when on snow and when driving on clear roads.

This same pattern also does amazing things when it comes to clearing slush from underneath the tire.

One of the unique features of this tire are the “Snow platform indicators.” These wear bars built into the tread will tell you when the tire’s deep snow capability has diminished. The tires still offer excellent grip on ice or just on cold roads, but the maximum ability to grip in snow isn’t there any more.

If we can try and explain it another way, these tires are best for winter in Seattle, not Minneappolis.

Cheapest Winter Tire for Tesla Model Y

Vredestein Wintrac Pro

Chances are you probably think Vredestein is some no name brand and that’s why it’s the cheapest winter tire you can get for a Tesla Model Y. In reality, almost none of that is true.

First of all, Vredestein might be unknown here in North America, but it’s a well-known and respected brand in Europe. The Dutch company has been around for over 100 years and makes solid winter tires and pretty much pioneered the four-season tire segment that everyone is caught up in now.

It’s also not the cheapest winter tire. Were confident you can find cheaper ones. We’re equally confident they will be junk. If we were to rephrase it, we’d say this is the cheapest quality winter tire available.

A wide center tread section offers good stability and turn-in response. Ultra wide shoulder sections also help with handling. Built for European winters and fast European highways it delivers the snow and ice traction you want with better than expected handling on clear roads.

Affordably priced it won’t leave you wanting unless you live somewhere with deep and frequent snows.

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