Best Buick Envision Tires

The compact luxury SUV space is incredibly competitive and Buick is there duking it out with the best of them in the new Envision.

It might not be the most dynamic in the segment, but it offers great styling and plenty of technology for a more reasonable price.

If your Envision’s tires are starting to wear and a new set is in the not-too-distant future, we’ve put together a selection of the best picks to keep you satisfied for miles and miles.

Buick Envision Tire Sizes

Regardless of trim level, the Envision comes with just one of two sets of wheel sizes and the following tire sizes:

  • 235/60/18
  • 245/45/20

Best Buick Envision Tire

Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

As a Pirelli tire it has naturally sporting tendencies, and yet Pirelli built this specific option as a luxurious grand touring tire – making it incredibly well-suited to a Buick. It was also created specifically for North American roads, so its optimized for comfort and durability on rough roads. And it has a long life.

The tread design really has it all with wider outboard sections for superior cornering capability and predictability. It’ll actually add some sport back into a Buick – even if that’s not its primary focus.

The internal tread sections maximize the contact patch with the road for adde grip, while sipes and other divisions cut into the tread blocks offer excellent wet traction and even some mild winter grip. Plus, wide and deep circumferential grooves easily evacuate standing water to prevent hydroplaning.

Beyond all this it’s quiet and comfortable. It comes with a 70,000 mile tread life warranty. And its overall reasonably priced.

Best Buick Envision Tire (alternative)

Yokohama Geolandar X-CV

Another excellent choice for a premium crossover, the Geolandar X-CV delivers a premium ride quality while increasing performance.

The tread pattern makes use of a five-row setup with larger exterior tread blocks for handling. The interior sections put a priority on water evacuation with plenty of space between the blocks to channel water outward and away.

Densely packed center tread blocks make more more immediate handling, while the stickier tread compound gives heightened overall grip.

If there’s a down side to this package its that the added performance comes with reduced tread life of just 50,000 miles.

Best Budget Tire for Buick Envision

General Altimax RT45

General Altimax RT45 Review

Brand new to the marketplace the RT45 replaces the RT43, which was already a common choice for best budget tire.

More affordably priced than the options above, it might not be the pinnacle of tire technology but it packs a lot into a brand new package – at an attractive price point.

The best feature of the RT43 that it detains is excellent wet grip, thanks to the high use of silica in the tread mixture.

Perhaps the biggest improvement for this tire is in its much quieter ride, thanks to a new computer optimized tread pattern.

Comfort is great. Overall driving dynamics aren’t quiet up to the level of other tires in this segment, but you have to give up something for everything else you’re getting here.

The specific Buick Envision fitment for this tire uses a T-speed rating, which comes with an added benefit of having a 75,000 mile tread life warranty. That’s incredibly long for such an affordable tire that offers so many other good qualities, making it even even better bargain.

Quietest Tire for Buick Envision

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

With a relatively busy looking tread design you might not expect this tire to be so quiet, but it very much is.

Bridgestone put considerable effort into designing the tire with a few specific features to keep noise to a minimum while also offering solid performance and excellent wet traction.

Of note, you’ll find small ribs at the base of the tread in the channels between the tread blocks. This pitch sequencing feature works to cancel out other noise generated both from the tire on the road and the tire against the air – the results are impressive.

The overall contact patch was also engineered to minimize the noise generated from that specific section when it comes in contact with the road.

As an added bonus, the Turanza QuietTrack comes with an 80,000 mile tread life warranty, meaning you’ll be enjoying these whisper quiet tires for years to come.

Best Four Season Tire for Buick Envision

Michelin CrossClimate2

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Review

The four-season tire segment is growing rapidly and the Michelin CrossClimate 2 is one of the best.

Scratch that: it is the best.

To clarify, four season tires are not all-season tires. Yes they are good in Spring, Summer and Fall. The are also actually good in winter – unlike conventional all-seasons. And as proof they come with the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on the sidewall as proof that they meet the minimum requirement of a winter tire.

What Michelin has done is combine all these traits with an incredibly unique tread design. The v-shaped tread features sipes running inside the tread blocks to grip on ice or against snow. Those same long tread blocks also work to stabilize the tire for ideal grip in summer conditions. Plus, the thin sipes actually “close up” when the tread is pushed during cornering and braking, making for a more stable contact patch.

And on top of all this, the v-shape is naturally ideal at clearing water or even slush.

Overall, it’s an impressive package that legitimately delivers on winter grip, while being sporty enough for most drivers the rest of the year.

Beyond all that the tire comes with a 60,000 mile warranty. That’s shorter than most all-seasons at the price point, but you do have to consider that having a tire like this means you don’t have to worry about swapping rubber in the fall and spring!

Cheapest Tires for Buick Envision

Laufenn S Fit AS

Sure you can find some closeouts that are cheaper, but reliably the Laufenn S Fit AS is about the cheapest new tire you can buy for the Buick Envision.

This all season tire is more performance focused and so it might not be the best fit for the stereotypical Buick driving looking for a more serene ride quality. That’s not to say that it’s loud or stiff (although it is a bit stiffer riding than most) but that it just doesn’t prioritize those areas.

Instead the S Fit AS puts the focus on grip. The wide shoulder tread blocks are connected on the inside giving plenty of contact patch when cornering, stability and predictable handling too. The next tread row in is also closely situated next to that outer section, further enhancing the shoulder tread section.

The center tread block offers a nearly continuous rib, allowing for a nice planted feel at high speeds and more immediate turn in response.

Loads of grip in the summer and in dry weather, wet traction is decent, though this tire’s grip falls off more quickly in the cold.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the 45,000 mile tread life warranty – something that’s to be expected with such an affordable tire.

Overall, it’s not the best-suited tire to the Envision, but it’ll spice up the driving enjoyment for a low, low price.

What Tires Come on the Buick Envision

Regardless of which trim level of tire size you select, all versions of the Buick Envision come with identical tires from the factory.

18-inch wheels

  • Continental ProContact TX

20-inch wheels

  • Continental ProContact TX

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