Best Ford Transit Tires

Finding good tires for a commercial vehicle is never easy. Often you don’t want to pay top dollar because you either you’re not the one actually driving the thing, or you’re just not sure those added features are worth the extra money. After all, this is a work truck, and money spent on fancy rubber is money directly out of your pocket.

So what to do?

Well, we’ve put together a list of the best tires for the Ford Transit based off capability, durability, performance and price.

Ford Transit Tire Size

Regardless of the model of Transit, they all use the same size of tire, unless you’re running d dually of course.

  • 150, 250 and 350 235/65/16
  • Dually195/75/16


Best Tire for Ford Transit

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate

Michelins are often expensive and dare we say sometimes overpriced. Yup, people will just pay for the name, and Michelin is counting on that.

But here, the Agilis CrossClimate is a refreshing change. Now it’s not the cheapest tire on this list, but it is reasonably priced.

You won’t find a tread life warranty, but you won’t find one for any of the tires on this list. That’s just par for the course with commercial vehicles. (It’s almost like they know how much you abuse your truck…)

The unique v-shaped tread design is built to better distribute heavy loads and limit initial slip or wheelspin when accelerating away from a stop. On a commercial vehicle where this happens a lot, this can really wear the life of a tire.

Beyond that, Michelin uses a unique tread compound that, when combined with plenty of siping on the tread blocks, makes this certified for true winter driving – as indicated by the three peak mountain snowflake logo on the sidewall.


Best Tire for Ford Transit (alternative)

Continental VancoFourSeason

Many Transit models rolled off the assembly line with these tires and the vast majority of owners are quite pleased. And perhaps they should be as the price is rather steep.

Built to deliver a smooth ride even when weighed down, the VancoFourSeason offers grip in dry, wet and light winter conditions. The name itself is a bit of a misnomer as we generally refer to four-season tires (as opposed to all-season tires) as those certified for true winter use and featuring the three-peak mountain snowflake logo. There’s no such logo here, so while this tire does have dry grip advantages of the Michelin’s above, it’s not ideal for snowy climates.

One advantage that the Contis have is the three years of free roadside assistance for a flat tire change, or a 150 mile tow. Plus, the brand’s road hazard warranty covers a free replacement if the tire is deemed unserviceable due to hitting a pothole or running over a nail, for the first 2/32-inch of treadwear.


Cheapest Tire for Ford Transit

Pathfinder HSR

If you’re looking to save on your commercial vehicle tires then look no further than the Pathfinder HSR. Pathfinder is Discount Tire’s house brand of tires and the HSR is designed to meet the needs of trucks carrying a payload.

Dry grip is solid though wet grip isn’t quite up to the competition. Then again, you can’t have it all and save big.

The ride is reasonably comfortable and the tread pattern has been optimized for reduced road noise.

Designed to last over miles and miles of use, this tire is unique in offering a tread wear guarantee. And it’s rather impressive too with a 50,000 mile warranty.


Best Winter Tire for Ford Transit

Nokian WR C3

Winter tires that are rated to properly handle the loads of a commercial vehicle like the Transit aren’t easy to come by. So leave it to the winter tire experts from Finland to develop the WR C3. Using a tread compound that resists freezing it’s an ideal companion to any commercial vehicle when the temperature drops into the low 40s. Plus, if the snow really blows near you, or builds up on the roads, the tread pattern here not only creates amazing friction to give you grip, it also offers excellent directional stability and impressive braking performance.

Additional Ford Transit Tires to Consider

Firestone Transforce CV

General Grabber HD

What Tires Come on the Ford Transit?

Ford Transit models come equipped from the factory with either Continental Van Contact AS or Hankook Dynapro HT tires.

How Long to Ford Transit Tires Last?

Tires on a Ford Transit should last up to 60,000 to 70,000 miles. In fact, the Hankook Dynapro HT tires that come quipped on the Transit from the factory are rated to last up to 70,000 mile with proper rotation procedures followed and proper inflation.

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