Cheap Mud Tires That Don’t Suck

Cheap Mud Tires That Don’t Suck

It’s not hard to find good mud tires. Just spend a small fortune…. or a big one even.

Similarly, it’s not hard to find cheap mud tires. They’re probably from a brand you’ve never heard of and can’t pronounce.

Finding good mud tires that are also cheap is the sweet spot for most consumers and to that end we’ve dedicated this detailed list of our top picks.

Below you’ll find a selection of different options, some with more extreme off-road capability, while some are tilted slightly more towards on-road performance and civility. All of the tires below are, however, extremely capable. They all come with the features you want, and they’re all 3-ply for ideal off-road protection and long life.

The Best Cheap Mud Tires

Hankook Dynapro MT2

One of the newest mud-terrain tires available, Hankook’s next-generation Dynapro MT2 delivers impressive performance for a very reasonable cost. A new tread design and compound mean these tires perform better off-road than their predecessor while also having improved on-road performance and livability too.

The angled design of the center tread blocks and slanted exterior tread blocks allows this tire to dig in easily, while the plentiful void space means it has lots of ability to churn through soft earth, mud or sand. Stone ejectors build into the external treads keep rocks or mud from sticking to the tire as well.

A 3-ply sidewall is the norm on an MT tire, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

On top of all this, it’s surprisingly quiet for how aggressive it is.

Pricing ranges from just under $200 per tire to almost $600, depending on size.


Firestone Destination MT2

Firestone tires often provide excellent value for the price and that’s definitely true here.

The tire’s design does make it a bit loud, even compared to some of the more budget-focused options on this list.

Performance is very good though, with four rows of tread lugs, with wider exterior ones and smaller interior lugs. Void space really is plentiful here meaning grip in loose surfaces is excellent.

As expected, stone ejectors on the outside tread lugs are mandatory, as is a 3-ply sidewall. That sidewall is also reinforced with a unique tread design that adds even more protection while proving added traction when you’re deep in the mud.

As an added benefit, the new tread compound for this tire delivers significant improvements on-road in the wet – an area where many MT tires are lacking.

Pricing starts at around $225 per tire.


General Grabber X3

Definitely one of the coolest looking mud-terrain tires you can buy, we love the raised red lettering on the side of this tire. Of note, however, it can wear off, which might not be the look you’re going for.

As for performance, these tires are extreme enough for the vast majority of drivers, though there’s a bit more focus on on-road civility and grip than most of the other options on this list. As a result, they’re less wobbly on-road and reasonably quiet too.

Off-road grip is still impressive, with angled tread blocks for digging into loose surfaces, both forwards and backwards. Stone ejectors (with cool General tire branding on them) keep rocks from sticking or mud from building up.

The 3-ply sidewall is also fantastic for protecting the tire and allowing it to be aired up and down without issue.


Kumho Road Venture MT71

Kumho keeps making impressive strides in the tire industry with increasingly better products every year. One of its newest designs is the Road Venture MT71 mud tire, which replaces both the MT KL71 and the MT51.

Like the Grabber X3 this tire isn’t as extreme off-road as some, as is obvious by the tread patter with less void space in the center and a more closely packed tread section. It will still deliver impressive off-road grip for most drivers, but it’s just not as extreme as some.

A 3-ply sidewall and stone-ejector ribs are included in this tire’s list of features.

The tread design is combined with a compound that’s particularly cut and chip resistant and designed to hold up on trucks that are towing or hauling heavy loads. The unique contact patch also makes this tire one of the more predictable handling options.

Pricing is in line with most others on this list starting at under $200 to around $575 for a 37-inch size.


Atturo Trail Blade MT

atturo trail blade mt review

One of the lesser-known brands on this list it’s also the most affordable. But Atturo is no joke. The brand has been making a name for itself competing in off-road truck racing and has even won numerous races on these very tires!

Slightly louder than some rivals these tires get the job done with an excellent balance of angled tread blocks and plenty of void space to dig into mud.

Divots in the external tread blocks give an extra level of grip, while the alternating scalloped edges also allow for maximum grip on lose surfaces.

The Trail Blade MT is also the most affordable tires on this list starting at around $190 per tire for a 16-inch size when most other brands you pay that much for a smaller 15-inch size.

How Much do Mud Tires Cost?

Pricing for mud tires varies wildly depending on the size and quality. Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to over $500 per tire.

Do Mud Tires Get Worse Gas Milage?

Yes, mud tires will diminish the fuel economy of your vehicle. Their significant weight and un-aerodynamic shape mean they provide more resistance and at highway speeds you’re likely to see a decrease of two miles per gallon. Of note, mud tires are not intended for on-road use, though they are legally permitted to be used on roads.

Do Mud Tires Have a Rough Ride?

Many mud tires do offer a stiffer ride quality than conventional all-terrain tires, and especially compared to all-season tires This is due, mostly, to the 3-ply sidewall which is designed to provide extra protection from punctures out on the trail.

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