Ironman Tires Review

Ironman Tires is a full line tire manufacturer that is a division of Hercules Tire & Rubber Co.

Ironman offers tires for cars (all-season tires, performance tires and touring tires) as well as a selection of tires for crossovers, SUVs and light trucks. In addition the brand offers winter tires and commercial truck tires too.

Ironman’s lineup of light-truck tires includes the All Country AT all-terrain tire and All Country MT Mud-Terrain tire as well as the All Country CHT commercial truck tire. There’s also the RB-LT and RB-SUV, both of which are essentially highway or touring tires for pickup trucks and SUVs. Plus, Ironman makes the Radial AP. This is essentially a light all-terrain tire or more of a trail tire. It’s built to be off-road durable and somewhat capable, but with smaller tread blocks won’t hold up in more extreme situations like mud or rock crawling.

Finally for on-road performance theres the Imove Gen2 SUV tire which is a performance all-season. Designed to deliver superior grip for more performance focused trucks and SUVs it even available in large sizes for aftermarket rim fitments with 22 and even 24-inch rims.

Hercules Tire dates back to 1952 and currently distributes its tires in 90 different countries. Included among those are 20 sub-brands such as Ironman Tires.

Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, that’s the same city and state that Cooper Tires calls home. Cooper does manufacture Hercules branded tires in Findlay, although it’s not clear if Ironman tires are also made there. For more info on what tires are made in the USA, see our list here.

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Ironman Tires Warranty

Ironman Tires doesn’t list on their website a specific limited warranty for their tires in general. For specific mileage guarantees, see our individual Ironman Tires Reviews.

Ironman Tires Recall

In case of a recall, you should be sure to register your tires with the manufacturer so they can contact you if necessary. You can do so by visiting their site here.