Mickey Thompson Reviews

Mickey Thompson tires is a sub-brand of US-based Cooper Tires and is named after the on- and off-road racing legend of the same name. The company was founded in 1963.

A competitor in everything he did, the brand that bears his name caries on that legacy. If you know anything about Mickey Thomspon tires, you probably know they are extreme Off-roaders know them for their world-class grip, while many in the muscle car community know them for their drag racing potential.

On the truck side of the business, its impressive that for a niche brand it offers a total of 15 different types of tires, including the new Baja Boss AT which combines Baja ATZp3 with all-weather capability.

The Baja ATZp3 is a unique hybrid tire combining the capabilities of an all-terrain tire with a mud-terrain tire.

In the mud-terrain segment Mickey Thompson offers numerous options from the most entry-level Deegan 38, to the Baja ATZp3 to the Baja Moss M/T. And taking it even one step further is the Baja Claw TTC Radial.

With the Deegan brand being a bit more consumer friendly for everyday use, there’s also the Deegan 38 All Terrain for those looking for a top-notch go-anywhere tire.

The Baja Pro XS is Mickey Thompson’s most extreme DOT-approved truck tire. As for other extreme options there’s the Baja Claw TTC 54-inch and Baja Claw 46-inch.

Moving into the true off-road competition side of Mickey Thompson’s offerings, there’s the Baja Pro Radial, Baja Boss X, the Baja Pro and Baja Pro X. Plus there’s the Mini Mag.

Mickey Thompson also offers a full line of wheels for muscle cars and trucks.

In addition to the Mickey Thompson tires, the Ohio-based Cooper Tires also owns Mastercraft Tires, Avon Tyres, Roadmaster Tires, Starfire Tires, Dick Cepek Tires and Dean Tires.

Mickey Thompson Reviews

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Who Was Mickey Thompson?

Mickey Thompson (December 7, 1928 – March 16, 1988) was a legendary racer in both cars and trucks. He rose to fame in 1960 when set the land speed record fr a car at 406.6 mph.

In the 1950s and onward be built and raced cars in the NHRA drag racing series. In the 1960s be designed cars (many of them rather strange) for IndyCar racing and in 1973 he founded SCORE International, the current governing body for off-road racing in North America.

Mickey Thompson and his wife were murdered in 1988, a crime which went unsolved for almost two decades until it was confirmed that his business partner at the time had arranged the hit.