The Best Places to Buy Cooper Tires Online

Buy Cooper Tires Online

If you’re hunting for where to buy Cooper Tires online, you’ve come to the right place.

Cooper Tire is like a lot of other tire manufacturers when it comes to their online presence. Their own website offers plenty of info about their products, but you can’t actually buy tires there. We expect this to change eventually, particularly as Cooper was acquired by Goodyear, which is unique in the tire business because it actually sells directly to the consumer.

Uniltil then, like almost every tire manufacturer, Cooper relies on its network of retailers. Those retailers do offer deals but it’s extremely hard to know if you’re really getting the best price. And the shipping can be an issue too.

And, it’s because of this network that they’ve been so slow at adapting to online sales. Still, there are a few avenues where Cooper is offering tires to buy online.

Of all of them, we recommend three main retailers for buying Cooper Tires Online. The first is Amazon where Cooper has it’s own Amazon store set up. This is particularly handy as searching for individual Cooper tires on Amazon is surprisingly tricky.

The other two options are Tire Rack and Discount Tire.

For Amazon, Cooper Tires can be purchased from a variety of online retailers offering their goods there and like with all Amazon purchases we recommend checking out their history and rating as a retailer. The safest route is to go direct to Cooper’s Amazon store here.

For Tire Rack, they offer a solid selection of options, but certainly not all of them. Conveniently, they do constantly track deals and rebates, ranging from around $50 to $100. Those can be found here.

For Discount tire, one of the top tire retailers online with a superb reputation for customer service visit them here. You’ll generally find the exact same deals as on Tire Rack, due to these seasonal incentives being set by the brand itself. Still, to be save, you can check the most recent Discount Tire deals for Cooper Tires here.

Are Cooper Tires Any Good?

Cooper might not be a household name like Michelin or Pirelli, but when it comes to quality truck tires, they’re actually better known. Cooper makes roughly a dozen different truck and SUV tires, most of which fall under the Discoverer name. Top on our list from Cooper are the new Discoverer AT3 4S and the Discoverer M+S.

Plus, Cooper Tires are made in America.

Do Tires Go on Sale?

Absolutely! And they go on sale almost all the time. Tire manufacturers are extremely aware of the seasonality of their product and they will offer seasonal deals in early Spring and Fall. This is to capitalize on those looking for new Summer or All Season tires in the summer months, or proper snow tires (winter tires) in the winter months. Also, pay attention for major sales on tires during long weekend holidays, such as Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Oh, and don’t forget Amazon Prime day – which is actually the full week before now.

Why Buy Cooper Tires?

Cooper is an American tire manufacturer and produces many (though not all) of its tires at plants in the US. With expertise in truck tires, it also tends to put some extra focus on winter performance. Perhaps the best reason to pick Coopers, however, is that they generally come very close to the tier-one brands but at a solid discount.

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