Toyo Open Country MT Tread Life

Finding out what the Toyo Open Country MT Tread Life is, is not a simple answer.

While many tires, including many tires by Toyo, list the actual milage that owners should expect, these tires do not. That’s not unusual as many all-terrain or mud-terrain tires don’t get a specific mileage rating – mostly because it can vary significantly depending on just how much off-roading you do, and the type of off-roading too.

However, there’s still plenty of data online from users and after scouring the internet we have some good news to share.


First the bad news: some owners report that the tires are fully worn after 30,000 miles. While disappointing that’s not unusual. It’s also hard to know just how well these tire were cared for (if they were properly inflated or worn prematurely due to other mechanical issues with the vehicle) or if the type of driving was particularly rough.

On the positive side, some owners report as high as 90,000 miles of wear. While enticing, we don’t expect that owners will be able to replicate this.

Instead, the average seems to be in the 50,000 to 60,000 mile range with moderate off-road use. In fact, owners report roughly half of the tread-life used up at the 30,000-mile mark.

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As for what else you should know about the Open Country MT, it’s on our list of top tires. We like it’s durability and wide selection and most of all its off-road capability. The only down sides to this tire are tread noise and fuel economy – two things that are hard to hold against a truly capable off-road tire.


How Many Miles Do Toyo Tires Last?

Now this is an equally loaded question. In terms of truck, SUV and crossover tires, the range is significant. From tires like the Open Country MT that don’t come with an actual warranty it’s quite hard to really know – or at least have any guarantee on. On the low side, the Open Country RT comes with a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty.  On the higher side is the Open Country HT with a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty. Topping the list of SUV tires for longevity is the Open County Q/T wit a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty.

3 thoughts on “Toyo Open Country MT Tread Life”

  1. I’m on my second set of toyo open country with an average of 55,000 miles , Im an aggressive driver of a 2005 dodge ram 2500 diesel truck loaded with tools,
    All in all I find them to be a smooth running tire with no noticeable tread to road noise

  2. I would have been more than impressed if I got that kinda miles out of the 38-inch MT’s I ran on my 3500 Mega Cab Diesel with BDS 10” for years. . .Best I saw was 25000 – 30000 miles, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. I drive 50/50 off-road on gravel / pit run then 50% highway and the pavement really kills them. I kept buying the TOYO’s because they lasted longer than my Bridgestone Duellers and up to 50% tread were great in the mud and on ice – after 50% tread they just faded fast. My guy was out of TOYO’s one weekend so he pointed me at the 38″ Nitto MT’s and I haven’t bought a different set since. ( and same price as the 38 TOYO MT’s) Best I’ve seen out of a set is 67000 miles out of them by rotating them @ every oil change. I studded them at 25000 miles and I’d venture to guess they had 10- 15% left when I changed them out for a new set just before winter. After I switched to Nitto’s in 2016 and haven’t even considered a different set since. Albeit, it can sound like you’re being followed by an attack helicopter…but hell…isn’t that what Ozzy is for. Forgot to mention I pull a 38 foot Fountain that weighs 15500lbs 4 times a summer for round trip of 1000 miles then a 45 foot Toy Hauler all winter to use as an office then around 3000miles in summer for camping,. Suckers take a beating like no tire I’ve run.

  3. 60,000 miles minimum, like clockwork! Have considered changing to something other than the Open Country MT but these are just so dang reliable. Last (3) Ford F-250 CC…all with 6” lift running 37×13.5×22 for the last 10+ years – 60,000+. I’m due now – sitting at 73,000 miles on my current Toyo 22’s!

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