Where are BFGoodrich Tires Made


Known for rugged off-road performance and often fitted on trucks and Jeeps, few tire brands seem more American than BFGoodrich, but where are BFGoodrich tires made?

Most tires sold in America aren’t actually made here. In fact, some estimates put the market penetration of foreign-made tires as high as 80%.

BFGoodrich tires are, therefore, in the minority.

Yes, if you’re shopping for Made-in-America tires, BFGoodrich is a safe bet. The company produces its tires at three different facilities in Tuscaloosa, AL, Wooburn, IN and Opelika, AL.

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In fact, you can check the tires yourself to if they are made-in-America. Every tire sold in America comes printed with a DOT (Department of Transportation) number on the sidewall. Tires marked with a BE are made in Tuscaloosa, AL; those marked with a BF are manufactured in Woodburn, IN; and those with an AN on the side are made in Opelika, AL.

BFGoodrich, while originally an American tire manufacturer, is now owned by French tire maker Michelin. Michelin bought the brand in 1990, along with its subsidiary Uniroyal.

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BFGoodrich has a long history in the US, however, being founded in 1870 by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich. BFG was the first American tire maker to manufacture radial tires and can lay claim to many other firsts in the industry. Notable among them is the fact that Henry Ford chose BFGoodrich tires to be fitted to the Model A, including the specific Model A that became the first car to drive across America.

BFG is perhaps best known for it’s off-road and truck tires, and the brand produces nine unique tires for different off-road purposes, ranging from dedicated mud terrain tires to ones better suited for highway driving.


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