Who Makes Cooper Tires?

Who Makes Cooper Tires?

While not true in all cases, the answer to the question “who makes Cooper Tires” is quite simple: Cooper Tires.

While not yet a household name, Cooper is a major US tire brand and invests heavily in its own R&D and manufacturing facilities, both at home and abroad. That means that for Cooper generally builds tires for each market, in that market.

To clarify that further, car and truck tires sold by Cooper in the US are generally made in the US. The brand does operate a total of 60 manufacturing facilities in 13 different countries.

The the USA, Cooper has two manufacturing facilities. One is located in Findlay, Ohio. The other in Texarcana, Arkansas.


Cooper doesn’t offer a specific list of where each tire is made, but thanks to the DOT mark printed on every tire, you can figure it out. The first letters in the DOT alphanumeric sequence are a code for the factory the tire is made in. Cooper tires made in Findlay, OH start with “UP” and Cooper tires made in Texarkana start with “UT.”

Some tires may also be made in Tupelo, MS with some components manufactured in Clarksdale, MS

If you’re curious what other tire manufacturers manufacture their tires in the US, see our list here. Surprisingly, they aren’t all American brands either.

Cooper’s global headquarters is in Findlay, Ohio.

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