Are BFGoodrich Tires Made by Michelin?

Are BFGoodrich Tires Made by Michelin?

One of the world’s oldest tire manufacturers, BFGoodrich has been in the rubber manufacturing business since 1870.

Back then, however, it was founded by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, and was making rubber hoses and belts, then bicycle tires an eventually the world’s first mass-production pneumatic car tires. That era of BFG started in 1896.

Things changed for the brand when in 1988 BFGoodrich was sold to Michelin North America., Inc. (a division of the larger French-owned Michelin brand).

While not all of BFG’s tires are manufactured in the USA, many are. While we don’t have a complete list of which ones are, we can tell you how to check if a specific tire is made in the US, and where.

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Every tire made in the USA comes with a DOT stamp on the sidewall. The first letters of that code indicate the plant where the tire is made. BFG has three plants in the US, so if the BFG tire starts with the DOT code BE, BF or AN, they are made in either Tuscaloosa, AL, Woodburn, IN, or Opelika AL, respectively.

So, are BFGoodrich tires made by Michelin? The answer is both yes and no. BFG is owned by Michelin, but a lot of their tires are produced separately, with independent engineering and design teams, here in the USA.

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